Respect your Friends & their Absences: Life Happens!

Respect your Friends & their Absences: Life Happens!

Hey girlfriend, hey!

Sorry, but this has to be written–respect your friends and their absences: life happens! With all that happens in your everyday life, why is it ever OK to attack someone verbally via social media or text message or via a phone call to complain how the neglect you feel trumps what your friend is going through? Are you that selfish that you feel that you are more important than what a friend is going through? If so, you shouldn’t be anyone’s friend.

Life happens and it’s nothing anyone should have to apologize for. Respect should be an automatic given for two or more that claim to be friends. Every weekend will not be a party, it won’t be a chance to discuss your life and it won’t always allow for a relaxation. Your friends are parents, workers, entrepreneurs, cooks, doctors, and believe it or not–they fall ill being all of those things.

Let’s start giving our friends the mental health days that they need. Let’s start asking our friends to take breaks even if it’s not necessarily with us. Let’s start speaking life and truths into their lives. Yes, we all need a time away with our girls, but hell we need to think for a second: Has my girl been complaining about a situation that’s not easy to settle? Is there a way to ease the pressure of what’s going on? Have I said anything that may have irritated the situation more?

We need to be ever present and open to the issues that are going on with our friends. We need to embrace being true friends and not know-it-all, smart mouth, judgmental ass women! Hello?! Why would I want my friends to be uncomfortable during a hard time?

In the end, we are all that we have and we must promote positive relationships but also positive breaks. I think it’s important to remember to do better, be better, and expect better! 

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