Rihanna is “Anti”

Rihanna is "Anti"Rihanna is “Anti”

This year has brought about some interesting things, but no one expected Rihanna’s “ANTI” to be such an amazing body of work. The breakthrough of Rihanna never ceases to amaze fans or non-fans alike. You just can’t help but watch this elaborate artistic edge that is “ANTI.” “ANTI” is everything and nothing at the same time; it is a different sound for the pop singer. To bring a growing interest into the music industry, Rihanna has shot through yet another glass ceiling. Fresh off inking a $25 million dollar deal with Samsung, the rockstar is not through with us yet. Actually with 8 albums under her belt, she seems to just be getting started. At just 28 years old, she has accomplished more in life than most people who are twice her age with her innovative ideas and music. Even if you don’t like her, you have to respect her undeniable power she holds in the industry. She has reinvented herself over and over. Rih is fashionably relevant, we can take one of her looks from five years ago and it will still look bomb af! If you are not here for this Barbadian goddess, you are missing out!

Rihanna is "Anti"“ANTI” helps you lose all the glitz and glamour that is surrounding most female artists in the mainstream. She even says on her track “Consideration”, “Let me cover your shit in glitter, I can make it gold.” She simply says that she has to do things her own way and that she has to grow. This track resonated with me first. Of course, I vote this album as being prominent for the plight of a woman coming out of her twenties. She shows that she is a grown woman with a strong mind despite having a dark past. She is the rawest with this album. On the song “Woo,” she croons “Tell me how you think without the drugs.” These lyrics tells how people are living in a world colored with dope. They don’t know how to function without having something that gives them an excuse to act. A much deeper meaning and peppered with hints of truth. She gives us a glimpse of what the world is like on the other side.

Rihanna is "Anti"

The famous favorites, “Needed Me” and “Kiss It Better” give women a big boost of confidence. Music that makes you feel good and feel like you are just as cool as she. This cd is in heavy rotation in my car and everyday I need to hear a different song. Her songs are equated to our moods on this album. It has a different meaning each and every time you listen. Maybe she didn’t lace it with her singing voice but the raw emotion is there. Her artistry shines through and she makes you want to believe music will survive. This album was needed to help women rediscover that vulnerable part of themselves. Our vulnerability gives us power. Our emotions make us real. Anti is a perfect imperfection that will go down in history as the album that changed how people create musical art. That Rihanna reign just won’t let up. 

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