Sacrifices Love & Deception by Amber Janae

book coverSacrifice Love & Deception by Amber Janae: Scandal in between the pages

Pardon My Audacity loves a great read! We love the drama, the love stories, the positives, and the negatives of urban fiction. It’s like a soap opera in a book right? Amber Janae is a 24-year-old San Francisco Bay native with the gift of getting scandal and life lessons through her amazing stories. She found her inspirations by reading herself and following her favorite writers’ work as well. Amber Janae sat down with Pardon My Audacity and gave us a little insight on her new book “Sacrifices, Love, & Deception.”

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PMA: Tell the readers a little about your book “Sacrifices, Love, & Deception”.

AJ: I wanted to write and create tales that caused my readers to vividly use their imaginations and capture them in every way possible. I feel like I did that as best as I could with “Sacrifices Love & Deception.” The book is an urban fiction anthology compiled of several short stories. (Five in total and the fifth is a cliff hanger) The book features many different real life issues. I wanted to create realistic stories for the sake of my readers. The stories include characters that suffer from addictions, infidelity, death, & dishonor. All of these scenarios play a major role in each story at some point. The emotional roller coasters, twists, & turns in the book are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end.

PMA: What inspired the juicy tales in the novel?

AJ: I pull inspiration from many things. Often times, its past relationships, my favorite songs, stories told to me by others. The stories develop from very deep rooted  issues that I am sure many have faced. I allow my own emotions to put finishing touches on the stories to make them believable.

PMA: What’s your favorite shorty story in the series?

AJ: My favorite story would have to be “Hellacious Love

PMA: Explain the plot in your favorite story.

AJ: In the story Hellacious Love, the characters Marcus “Butta” & Arianna meet and instantly fall in love. In Marcus’s eyes,  this innocent woman comes from a totally different background than he does but he’s determined to have her despite their differences. Later on in their relationship, Marcus is faced with the choice to continue to love the woman he’s in love with after learning deep secrets from her past. How do you take back your heart when you’ve willingly given it to someone whose identity you had mistaken? Despite the trouble in their relationship, Marcus puts his heart, trust, and faith into loving Arianna and later finds himself asking the question, how do you take back your heart when all odds are set against you?

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PMA: What makes “Sacrifices, Love, & Deception” different than other urban erotic stories?

AJ: “Sacrifices Love and Deception” is different because you get to read each story through every main characters point of view. In many instances, you’ll read a book and it’ll tell the story directly from the main character. I wanted to create stories where readers can tap into the minds, thoughts, and feelings of every main character involved in every story.

PMA: What’s next for Amber Janae?

AJ: Next for me is more promotion for the current book. I am in the process of working on a self-improvement/inspirational book for women. I’ll continue blogging and updating the website. I have a plan and a goal of where I want my work to go and who I want to receive it so I am focusing on that. After I put out the self-improvement book there will definitely be more urban fiction novels from me in the near future.

PMA: Will there be a part 2 to your series?

AJ: The fifth story in the book “No Way Out” will have a continuation. The story is available in the book but it can also be read in its entirety on my website for those who wish to sample a piece of the book before purchasing it.

PMA: Where can fans purchase the book?

AJ: The book is currently available as an eBook. It can purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon-Kindle, and iBook’s.

We are so excited about this new addition to the urban fiction literary world by this amazing young lady. PMA congratulates Amber Janae and challenge all of our independent ladies to strut your accomplishments so we can support you.

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Be sure to check her out and purchase her book. We had the chance to read Hellacious Love & we loved every minute of that story. Stop what you are doing and go get you a copy.


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