Sage The Gemini New Single “Good Thing,” featuring Nick Jonas


Sage The Gemini’s “Good Thing,” Feat. Nick Jonas

The cat has long been out of the bag that Sage The Gemini and Jordin Sparks are a hot commodity. They have the sweetest Instagram posts and they seem to genuinely like each other. Of course, that’s none of our business here at PMA, but what we are concerned about is the hot new track “Good Thing,” featuring the handsome and talented Nick Jonas.


Don’t you just love when your guy does something that surprises you? Well, we are sure that Jordin is crooning over her beau’s latest song “Good Thing.” As the rapper speaks on matters of the heart and reacting to falling for someone without exactly trying to, Nick blazes the track with his sultry voice. The ‘Red Nose’ rapper is so Cali and West coast which is refreshing and he’s even a cutie so we see why our girl Jordin snatched him up quickly.


Here’s are some of the lyrics:

I ain’t never felt the way you make me feel
Continue so I know it’s real
Think about me like I know you will
Fall for me, let it fall for me, give it all to me
Stand in the middle of the floor, throw your broad to me
This is real, yeah, this is real, let your guard down
This is good shit, ain’t no tiem to call it off now
Now I don’t wanna let you go, but there’s something that you gotta know


Nick Jonas Hook:

This ain’t nothing but dangerous
We about to be over it
Why can’t it just be what it is
Why can’t it be what it is
We’re both getting emotional
Same time getting so emotional
Why can’t it be what it is


Check out the VEVO audio of the song:


What do you think? Isn’t it the cutest song from a guy? Don’t we just love love? Let us know what you think of the song.

All photos are from Sage The Gemini’s Instagram account.

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