Saturday’s with My Daughter, Wine, & Peace

There are often times when doing absolutely nothing is worth it. Working everyday of the week due to having a full-time job and your own writing business on top of being an author and mother. Saturday’s are sometimes just time with my daughter, a glass of wine, and a complete sense of peace.

Before Jaslyn, I’d probably be out with friends trying to relieve tension in other ways, but tonight… I am feeling more mature and responsible. Jaslyn has my iPhone on YouTube, there’s an Asian action flick on, and I’m here blogging. Life is absolutely grand.

Drinking, dancing, and hanging with friends can happen anytime, but I am so excited to sit in my pj’s with my cutie patootie of a kid with a curly afro and a freaking smile. Moms, it’s okay if you relax every once in a while. This week I’ve taught my classes, taken four quizzes, and six labs… Sis is tired. I am sis.

Remember mommies, breaks mean better people. Make sure you take a damn break every now and again. Rejuvenate yourself when you get moments to do so.

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