Sex and Your City!

sex and your city

This article was first published on on my relationship column

I often wonder about the men and women who offer sex to cover up the heartache they have from previous lovers and ask myself, are they really happy? Yes, I understand the power of an orgasm can shoot through your entire body and give you a feeling of erotic completion, but was it worth it? Did that orgasm bring you an element of love and support? Or are you not looking for those two things? Maybe casual sex is the new “getting over your ex” method and it’s fine, but that leads another thought in my head… are there any true hopeless romantics or are they all sexual prowess now?

Ever met someone and the first time sex was introduced in the relationship it felt like it was meant to be? Like the stars had aligned and purposely brought that orgasm to you? Yes, it happens. But after the sex is introduced and there’s nothing spiritual, emotional, or relational going on between the two the sex immediately turns to quick pumps and disappointments. Sex in my book should be passionate and meaningful between individuals that are absolutely without a doubt moving to the next level or both parties are in agreement that it’s casual and no feelings are involved. These two things can’t be guaranteed though.

Women are strutting all over Atlanta in their finest outfits purposely taking their hearts off of their sleeves and excuse me but placing their vaginas where their hearts used to be. They are moving from women making men work for it to women with men ideologies and getting “theirs” on a regular. Hey, I can’t knock it because I’ve tried it and it wasn’t for me. What’s sex in YOUR city like currently? Are you seeing heartache covered by orgasms and misleading images of failing relationships? Is it okay for women to say there are no good men and open their legs instead of opening their hearts? Let’s be real, an orgasm can put a smile on your face for a day or two. Love can bring you tears and it’s seems women want that latter… How about you?


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One thought on “Sex and Your City!

  1. Chani

    alot of women from absent father homes fall victim to this not all but most and the father doesnt have to be completely mia for this to affect the women it just happens this way


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