Sex is Necessary in Marriage

There is one person I know who is married and not receiving great or sufficient amount of sex from his wife. Everything else little mama does is great, but she isn’t satisfying her husband… What she won’t do another will, but her husband is attempting to work out the kinks to keep vows. Is sex enough to end a marriage? Uhhhh, hell yes! Now I’m not saying that it’s over immediately but marriage without sex is like against the rules! We’ve always been taught biblically and by our parents to “save it for marriage” but if you marry and she isn’t performing like Beyoncé on the “On The Run” tour uhhhh, something must be done!

Cheating sucks but sometimes things push people too far! Sexual intimacy is one of the most important categories even if it’s not even that frequent because life does happen in marriages. If the sex isn’t great with your mate TELL them because I’m 100% an advocate that marriage can mean forever with open communication! Scared? Don’t be, you have to discuss harder things like credit, children, and how much money to save up. I’m just saying…

Sex is not everything honestly but of it’s one way to push someone away it’s easy as making them feel unwanted and them with blue… So, don’t misinterpret this article as meaning sex is everything, but recognize it does help with argument make ups, celebration, and is an easy stress reliever! Am I lying or???? Again, I’m just saying!

On an honest tip, love is beautiful and translating that through love making is important in marriage. Not everyday is understandable, but please incorporate a couple days and even quickies. Rejuvenate your sex life and make sure you and your mate are creative, personally close, and satisfied. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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