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Pardon My Audacity loves to pamper our readers with a small amount of fashionable adoration. We have found the perfect boutique for ladies everywhere. We do not discriminate; we facilitate growth, love, and peace, but let’s not forget SLAYED entrepreneurs and women in general. She Did That Fashion Boutique offers all of that and more. Jasmine Jackson, Editor-In-Chief, had the chance to catch up with the CEO of She Did That Fashion Boutique.


PMA:  Tell readers the vision behind the boutique.

SDTF: The vision behind She Did That Fash is to be a platform for women of all ages and backgrounds to shop, network, empower each other and be encouraged to continue to be staples within their community.
PMA: What does the boutique specialize in?

SDTF: We specialize in women clothing and accessories that are trendy, but timeless. We want to make sure that what we offer can be worn year after year and never go out of style.
PMA: What are the size and price ranges of items?

SDTF: We offer small through large and She Did That Curvy offers 1X-3X.
PMA: What inspired you to start your own fashion boutique?


SDTF: I have always been a lover of everything fashion and I have a heart for touching lives and making an impact. I decided I wanted to do something that would help me be able to do both on a daily basis.
PMA: What makes this boutique different than all others?

SDTF: There is an extra touch of love and compassion that is put into She Did That. Customer Service is top notch, the company is actively involved in the community and we uplift the women around us whether it is by encouraging posts, free advertising/marketing or even in us personally working with other female entrepreneur. We make sure our focus is not on the dollar sign in the business, but more on the impact we can make.

PMA: What would you tell young women about fashion and figuring out there personal style?

SDTF: Personal style is just that, your own style. Never let the negative comments or gestures of others make you feel that your personal creativity is not good enough or acceptable. Do what makes you feel most comfortable and happy. No one needs trends when you have style!
PMA: What would you tell young women starting their own business?

SDTF: Running a business is hard work, but also very rewarding. Things may get tough, but never lose focus on why you chose to do what you are doing and continue to do it with the same passion you had from day one. Don’t forget to reach out and help someone else in their journey.
PMA: What’s next for the boutique?

SDTF: She Did That Fash Boutique will soon be expanding into a household brand that will include custom pieces, SDT apparel, cups, mugs, books and more! We will be including more features in our blog and getting more involved with more nonprofit organizations and women’s’ groups.


There you have it young entrepreneurs; it is about giving back to the community and looking snatched while doing so. Amber Anglin has created something that will thrive because she believes in creating timeless, business smart, and well-dressed divas. If you’d like to find out more about these ladies follow the IG: @SheDidThatFash and visit their website

Headshot  CEO of She Did That Fash Amber Anglin.

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