Single Mom’s Hustlin’

Single Mom’s Hustlin’ 

A single mother’s job is never done; we are always searching for another way to provide for our little mini me’s. What does YOUR hustle look like?

Mothers are superhuman boss bitches if I can say it plainly. The moment that I realized that there was a real life person inside of me something in me changed. Every mother has that moment where they have to really take a look at their situation and decide if they want to bring that life into this world ill prepared.

Hustling is not illegal; It is necessary. It is perfectly OK if you have two jobs and writing a business plan because that’s what parents are supposed to do to brighten their children’s future. Make sure those plans are great, make sure you put your ALL into those business plans and moves. All I ask is that you designate time to be in your child’s life to make an impression of hard work and consistency.

Mother’s aren’t supposed to stop living life just because they have children. It simply means step up whatever you were doing to make the most out of life. I love to see a mother who is positive, pushing through to be successful, and all about her baby! It’s refreshing.  Make sure whatever your hustle is that it makes you work smarter and not harder. You don’t want to kill your hours by making minimum wage and losing out on your ultimate goal. I know you need the funds but make sure that you lose a little more sleep to make sure the hustle is worth it and you see results.

Hustling and raising a baby isn’t easy, but someone has to do it and earn those coins. Why not let it be you?



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2 thoughts on “Single Mom’s Hustlin’

  1. Maytag j

    I love this article you said. I put my little mini me first in all. And the hustle continues, super human boss woman. Queen.


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