Six Reasons to Fall in Love with an Artist

Six Reasons to Fall in Love with an ArtistSix Reasons to Fall in Love with an Artist

Art is often overlooked, but why? It’s the usually a person who is all around dope. So, I endorse, fall in love with an artist. Completely lose all inhibitions and explore the world through their eyes because it maybe you’ll finally get that spark you have been wanting in a lover. Here are six reasons to fall in love with an artist:

  • They’re talented. Truthfully, this is the beauty of who they are. They’re minds are different than the mathematicians and scientists. But they are so intricate that they could possibly pull out the creativeness in yourself.
  • They’re free thinkers. Their minds are always thinking up a concept and they are always open to new experiences. You never know, you may end up in a different country in love.
  • They set their own schedule. Artist’s make time for what they want and if you are important then they will make sure you are a part of that schedule. Your days and nights may be switched up, but it may be worth it.
  • They’re full of interesting stories. The stories they have can entertain for days and teach you something.
  • They’re mysterious. A lot of times, they are mysterious and interesting people with stories, dreams, and hopes. Get to know them.
  • They’re passionate. They are passionate, they take their times, and I’m not going to vouch for all but sex will be amazing. The vibes, the talking, the painting, or sculpting, or instrument is always an amazing feeling to resonate.

These six reasons are going to change your life and find you, love. I cannot share with you which artist I am going to hop on, but I will say that there’s an artist out there for all of us bomb women. Keep your eyes open, start living your life carefree so while you’re traveling you can stumble upon love, and always trust love.

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