Sleepy Mom Lives Matter, Too!

sleepy mom lives matterSleepy Mom Lives Matter, Too!

Attention world: Sleepy Mom Lives Matter, too!

Every now and again, I want to retire my super mom powers and lay my tied (tired) behind down. I want to just lay without my mind wandering 5 million places with 5 million things to do and people to please. I want to be able to have that real REM sleep and I don’t even want to dream. I want to sleep honey.

There are only 24-hours in a day, but moms seem to have jumped over some quantum time capsule because I swear I’m up working, thinking, plotting and planning for more than 24-hours. By the time I lay down, I have to try and learn to relax then sleep within the first twenty minutes of lying there to insure I get at least 3 of the 4 hours allotted.

It’s frustrating. I know that I’m a mother but jeez, my sleepy ass life matters too. I don’t want 8 hours, but can I catch me a decent 30-minutes to an hour without my child smacking me away, slobbing me awake, or my favorite—biting my nose. Can I relax at the end of a hectic and K.O? Doesn’t seem like I can. 

I am starting a movement: Sleepy Moms Lives Matter! I just want a nap every now and again and I am sure you want one as well. Talk to your support systems for at least one nap. Now, it’s harder for me because my mother is the caretaker for me so she wants a break as well. But it’s more so that when I get her a nap, I cannot relax. I am always busy in my mind. So if this is your issue as well… I suggest meditation, tea with chamomile, or hell, lay there at least.

Y’all, I am a mother, but I am sleepy. My life matters too. Y’all help a sister catch a nap. For my mamas, keep milkin, milfin’, and mommyin’ honey. It’s worth it.

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