Smooch Me by Dionne cosmetics: A Must Have

1-5ea6b71d37 Smooch Me by Dionne cosmetics: A Must Have!

February 16, 2013 one of our independent divas  created a cosmetic line PMA absolutely loved. Courtney Dionne Rahney had a brainchild and made it happen and we are so glad this lady thought of us makeup lovers! The official launch was May 23, 2013. All products currently sold by this cosmetic company are lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadow, concealer, eyeliner, loose powder & blush. Smooch Me by Dionne is everything a prissy girl can’t live without with more coming for the divas around the world. PMA had the chance to review two of their products as well as land an interview with the young entrepreneur. Here is the interview:

PMA: Tell the readers a little bit about your company.

DIONNE:Smooch Me ByDionne is a cosmetic company that has “Everything a prissy girl can’t live without” (lip stick, lip gloss, concealer, loose powder, Eye  liner, mascara, glitter, blush Eye shadow) More to come stay tune. Smooch Me By Dionne was created to give woman self-confidence by enhancing their natural beauty with quality products at an affordable price.

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PMA: What’s your signature item from the cosmetic line?

DIONNE: Our lip products of course, Smooch Me.

PMA: Why should women purchase your products over another product?

DIONNE:Smooch Me By Dionne products are FDA approved and the lead  in our lipsticks are a healthier amount then most cosmetic lines. Plus our products are high quality at affordable prices. Woman will have a chance to enhance their beauty on a budget and customize their own Smooch Me Bundle. Our Smooch Me Bundle is when our customers mix and match any three products and build their own set. We also do birthday specials and all products are easy application.

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PMA: Explain to all the beauty lovers, what your cosmetics will add to their day look or evening looking.

DIONNE: Long lasting wear, confidence and satisfaction.

PMA: How would you describe your brand?

DIONNE: High quality and affordable

PMA: Where can readers find you?

I loved my lips!

I loved my lips!

Our review will be coming soon. We loved our lips when we wore our lip gloss. Be on the look out for the review ladies!

Here are the links to purchase and contact Smooch Me by Dionne:

twitter @smoochmebyd

Instagram & Facebook: Smooch Me By Dionne Cosmetics


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