Solange Knowles ‘A Seat at the Table’ is Black, Bold, & Beautiful

soloSolange Knowles ‘A Seat at the Table’ is Black, Bold, & Beautiful

Solange Knowles’ third full-length album, A Seat at the Table, dropped peacefully like the BLM protest around the world. Silent, but effective yet beautifully received. Solange Knowles collaborates with some greats such as Lil Wayne, Dev Hynes, Q-Tip, Kelly Rowland, and even Sean Nicholas Savage to create poetry on a record.

Solange creates beautiful dialogue weaving together funk, electronic pulses, and woven vocals to hypnotic effect. From her second track, “Weary,” she opens, “I’m weary of the ways of the world,” A Seat at the Table proudly speaks for every black body dealing with the ways of the world which magically defends White privilege and abandons black matters.

My favorite song “Don’t Touch My Hair,” explains the essence of why you shouldn’t walk up admiring black hair and touching it. She sings, “Don’t touch what’s there/ When it’s the feelings I wear/ They don’t understand/ What it means to me.” This song reveals harsh, uncomfortable conversations we should all be having instead of spewing racial hatred. This album by far is the most unapologetically charged album in 2016 racially dividing us and not asking for insertion into the Eurocentric world.

Solange KnowleThe eighth track on the album, “F.U.B.U.” Solange sings, “This shit is for us/ All my niggas let the whole world know/ Play this song and sing it on your terms.” It’s almost a mission statement for all of those WOKE and informed. I mean the album features Mathew Knowles and Rapper/entrepreneur Master P chronicling their injustices and experiences that help shape this album. Solange presents a platform to vent and to get feelings out.

Solange sums up her own album saying, “With the state of our country and all of the messages that we are constantly being fed about not being good enough, not being beautiful enough, not being smart enough, not having the economic power enough, and constantly being told that we’re not enough, I wanted this to literally be an hour long PSA that we are beyond enough,” she explained. “That we have always been and we are not asking for your permission. We are building our own.”
PMAPlease go support Queen Solange. She is serving us with amazing talent and voice.


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