Soopa Acti-Labs Review

Soopa Acti-labsSoopa Acti-Labs Review

Soopa Acti Labs has sent me over some products!!! Connie Christian of Soopa Acti-Labs sent me some dope products that I absolutely loved. This beauty company offers toothpaste, shea butter,  weight loss products, wraps and much more. It reminds me of a company that I used to work for that I absolutely loved. The toothpaste and nail care products were everything!

I’ve been reviewing the same types of products lately so I’ll be reviewing the Fluoride-Free toothpaste. Now Connie sent over shea butter, toothpaste, and nail products which I loved every product but the toothpaste is my favorite.

Soopa Acti-Labs

I absolutely loved this toothpaste! I was skeptical of using the toothpaste, but it taste great and my teeth are wwhiter. I begin to use the toothpaste once in the morning to start my day and at night to end my day. I have like an obsession with things that taste minty and fresh; this toothpaste was right up my alley.

Connie Christians says, “Acti Labs is a France-based beauty and wellness company. They have been in the UK for several years and just launched in the USA in May. We are also preparing to launch in Canada as well! Products range from weight loss, makeup, skin care, nutritional products, hair care, toothpaste, and we even offer a charity component that offers hand bags. Quality spa-inspired products at an affordable price!”



The packaging was a cute purple box with silver writing. It’s definitely an established brand that targets the cutesy side for their female customer base. It didn’t have anything extra which worked for me because I have an 8th-month-old child who wants everything in her mouth.  The packaging was standard, but it is a bigger company so I expected that. It was nicely packaged from the USPS.


Using the toothpaste, I experienced some nice results. I loved the fresh flavor of the toothpaste and I loved how white my smile was and how I felt compelled to ask all my friends about the company because I was mad I had just heard about it. When I use the toothpaste, I know that my mouth is clean and I’m covered for many videos  and pictures that come with blogging.



I rate this product a 4/5. This product is great and I would suggest contacting Connie at any of her social medias:

Social Media accounts: Instagram: @soopalshes
Twitter: @soopaactilife

Also, visit the website for all of the amazing products that she has to offer! We love the products and you should love them too!

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