Spoil your Man Back for Valentine’s Day 2018

Spoil Your Man Back Valentine's Day 2018Spoil Your Man Back for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day 2018 is creeping in reminding us to shower and spoil our loved ones. However, “V-Day” is turning into a woman’s holiday instead of a couple’s holiday. Sis, can you please spoil your man back for 2018’s Valentine’s Day? Yes, spoil him so good he can only ogle at who you are and how you had time to pulled it off. 

Set the mood. Run a bubble bath with candles, insert aroma therapeutic essentials, set up a laptop to show his favorite sport or TV show. Also, we as women love to relax with wine so make sure he has his favorite adult beverage right there for him to relax. 

Now for those with lovers who have plans for you, it’s okay. Give your lover the next evening and surprise him. Get some coconut oil, massage his broad shoulders, strong back, and hardworking feet. Feed that man! There are many ways to show appreciation. It isn’t fair to always reap benefits instead of giving your man a reason to gloat about how good his woman is. 

Try a few of these ideas to help with your Valentine’s: 

  • Create a coupon book where the can cash in coupons for nonsexual and sexual favors to add a little spice. 
  • Take professional pictures for him and make sure you keep some of your clothes on! 
  • Create a Man Cave for the weekend stocked with beverages, snacks, and head out for a weekend of solitude and relaxation. 

There a million ways to show that man you love him, but you just have to think outside of the box. Dinner and movie won’t always cut it. But GO CHECK Black Panther regardless. 

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