Steve Kerr Lies, Closes Delly And Golden State Warriors Win Game 4


Steve Kerr Lies, Closes Delly, and Golden State Warriors Win Game 4

Wednesday, Stephen A. Smith warned you that Stephen Curry was coming. Skip Bayless was telling you Delly was “on a roll.” Everyone was guilty of being a prisoner of the moment. David Blatt was out coaching Kerr (not really but we’ll stick with that for the moment) Matthew Dellavedova was outplaying and out hustling everyone. “King” LeBron James had set a NBA Finals record in points (although he was jacking up a lot of shots) and was almost averaging a triple double for the series. Curry and Klay Thompson were more “Clunk Brothers,” than the “Splash Brothers” that they’d been called all season, they were arid. Thompson still hasn’t gotten off but drew a lot of double teams. Curry scored 22 points and had 8 assists.

It wasn’t just Curry and Thompson that seemed to be failing the Dubs, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes and Andre Iguodala had also disappeared. The vaunted bench, the deeper team, the NBA MVP, and the Coach of the Year runner up all had APB’s out on them. Yesterday, I said that Kerr had to make a lineup change. I thought he would start David Lee. He admitted he lied about who he was going to start (twice) and called on Iguodala to make his first start ALL SEASON. Andrew Bogut was giving them nothing on offense and they clearly needed points. Iguodala would pull a Wham! and tell Coach Kerr, “I’m Your Man!” The former All Star not only put up 22 points, but guarded James as if he’d die if he let him get hot. His performance was amazing because of his offense and stellar defense. As a team, the Dubs hit 47% of their shots and went 12-30 from beyond the arc.

Curry and Kerr

It is noteworthy to point out that James suffered a head injury after being fouled by Bogut and careened into the cameras on the floor. James had to gather himself quickly to shoot the free throws (or he could not reenter the game.) After the game, he got stitches but wouldn’t say how many. Fatigue played a large role in tonight’s loss. Delly spent the night in the hospital after game 3, he’s not used to playing these many minutes. James, though he has lost weight is still about 250 lbs. and he was jacking up a lot of shots. The Cleveland Cavaliers started out of a 7-0 run, and it looked like 3rd verse same as the first. Kerr called a timeout and the Warriors went on a 31-15 run after that and never looked back.


JR Smith and Iman Shumpert reverted back to their New York Knicks days, completely out of the offense. Smith was 2-12 (0-8 from 3) Shumpert was 2-9, bad. Timofey Mozgov had the game of his life; he had 28 points and 10 boards, but it wasn’t enough. Golden State was running, and Cleveland allowed them to do so. The Cavs can’t run with the Warriors, and the Cavs were absolutely gassed. Draymond Green was back, and he kept telling the crowd. Barnes finally showed up. They got some offense from Lee and Shaun Livingston and that proved to be the tide that turned Game 4. The Cavs shot 33% from the field and 4-27 from 3. OUCH!

In all honesty, I think the Cavs were feeling themselves; just as the Warriors were after winning Game 1 and Kyrie Irving went down. Delly went 3-14 (2-9 from 3) you have to score to win. Kerr is going to stay small. What adjustments will James make? His Cavs cannot run with this team. The next game is Sunday, that will give the weary Cavs a small break, but if they’re expected to run again the result will be the same. Golden State was the only team in the entire league that didn’t lose 3 straight games, and they were dead if they had lost this game.

The Memphis Grizzlies know all about being up 2-1 and then being ran out of the series. Can King James right the ship? Can the best player in the world beat the best team? James has done so twice, I don’t think he can do that for two more wins, but if anyone can, it would be him. Cleveland, I told you NOT to party too hard just yet. I’m not going to mention “The Drive,” or “The Fumble,” again. I’ll just make that money sign and ask y’all, “How’s that Johnny Manziel thing working out for you?


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