Strange Clouds, a Melanated Fantasy Joint is a Dope Ass Black Sci-Fi Read

Strange Clouds

Strange Clouds, a Melanated

Fantasy Joint is a Dope Ass Black Sci-Fi Read

Strange Clouds, a Melanated Fantasy Joint is a dope ass black sci-fi read by author Cheketa Tinsley. This story pulled me in from the very first page. Raysean and Keenan are cousins with supernatural abilities such as telekinesis, mind reading, and impeccable abilities to draw or recite anything after one view. Lotus, my favorite person in the story, is a powerful goddess almost feeling everything that other’s feel and yet being able to close herself off in a bubble. Neither Raysean or Keenan can figure out what it is about Lotus that draws them to her until she is kidnapped!

Strange Cloud

Author Cheketa Tinsley

The stories within the stories make the narrative come alive. Cayenne AKA Red, a creole voodoo witch, adds another melanated storyline. Adding Red was an awesome addition to the story with her New Orleans inclusions on voodoo, slavery, and the treatment of black folks. It touches on African American folklore almost with Red’s story as well.

Strange cloudsShapeshifting, gods, goddesses, and the company consume each page and then it’s done. Just like that, all the magic goes off in your mind because you realize that there is no more until book two. I will say the ending was very abrupt. I didn’t even know it was over until there were no more pages at the end.

I understood the local color (slang) of the piece and it made me appreciate terms that I didn’t know, but grew to understand. Like “Thunda” which is synonymous with something being “bomb” and my favorite still “bruh.” This twist of urban and fantasy will entice young adults and adults to read more novels like this.  

It is extremely dope to read a sci-fi book and read about black kids from the hood with powers, background, and purpose. I mean besides the book being great also consider the next time you pick up a book for yourself or someone else if the star/hero/protagonist will be black men and women! Cheketa Tinsley outdid herself! I read the book in three days. I waited to produce this June 14th because of my editorial calendar being set!

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