Sugar Baby: Sh*t Happens

IMG_5027Shit Happens


“I know you’re getting really bold so that means it’s another bitch coming in my territory. Watch her back love.” Niecy stated before closing the door close.

My mouth stayed opened for a minute taking in all of the information that she laid on me. She played dirty and she wanted me to feel her wrath,but I was over the bullshit with her and her smart mouth. I stood up and headed to the room where she was about to enter our large bathroom.

” Watch her back?” I threw out in the open.

“You heard me.” She responded looking over her shoulder.

“Let me tell you one thing Denise, don’t threaten me. I know for a fact you aren’t as clean and innocent like you are portraying. I am not doing anything and I haven’t stepped out on you. You better watch your fucking mouth because I am so tired of funding you and your side dudes rendezvous and getaways. I am not stupid and if you think for one moment I am, you have another thing coming.” She stood to fully face me.

“What did you say?”

“I am fucking finished funding you and dudes getaways and shit. I may be quiet,but I choose my battles in order not to lose you, but get the fuck out of my face sending threats to an imaginary side chick.” Her face dropped and I exited the room feeling powerful. The cat was out of the bag.


Ron made sure to stick with me as I followed through with all of my usual responsibilities. He formally met my mother and the two kicked it off immediately. The more we hung out the more I felt he was acceptable to date me and to accept me for who I was and what I wanted. James laid low from text messaging me and calling me frequently. I had a feeling that there was something going on at home and decided to contact him when he contacted me to be on the safe side. We were playing a dangerous game, but the only thing I continued to dream about was making love to James. I could taste his skin on my lips in my dreams, inhale his cologne, rub his back, and wake up out of breath because I yearned for him again. Ron and I made love the other night and it was great, but it just wasn’t what I received from James. It was like tasting an expensive strip steak and having a philly cheese steak; one was seasoned, cooked just right, and dissolved in your mouth and the other one was tasty conveniently low budget. It was as if driving a Benz then having to transition to a 2014 Honda; I mean a 2014 Honda is currently and drive well, but a Benz provides stature. Mmmm, James did something to me. I was never a character of older men, but I had never been fucked by one either.

“I miss those lips and those eyes,” James spoke as soon as I said “hello.”

“Hello to you too sir.”

“I want to have you in my bed and I would love to have you all over my sheets.” He continued. I blushed a little bit as Ron sat on the couch not far from where I was standing.

“I completely understand. I would love to do the research with you guys.” I responded to him.

“Did you pay for your summer classes?” He asked.

“Yes, I did yesterday. Thanks.” I responded casually as I pulled the popcorn out of the microwave.

“Good to know. I’m guessing Ron is around because you’re answering me like I’m apart of a study group.”

“Good observation.”

“Can you sneak away for the afternoon? I have some things to talk to you about?”

“Sure, what time?” I questioned.

“Um, around five. Don’t call or text me. Once you get to our spot, I’ll find the room and we will move from there.”

“Great. See you at five.” We both hung the phone up and I had butterflies. I contained my smile and sat in Ron’s arms chumping on popcorn.

“Study group today?” He questioned with total belief.

“Yep, five.”

“Cool, I have to work tonight so that’s perfect.” We finished watching our movie and I thought of what we had to talk about.

I checked into the hotel room in my name. It was usually in his name and we usually checked in together. I took my room key and text messaged James a simple asterisk. James stated that we needed a code for when Ron and Niecy was around. The asterisk would let either one of us know when our sig other was around and so he replied no. I sent the room number with no other words. I was starting to understand what was going on with James. I sat on the couch reading The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison for class. I was glued to catching up with my class reading when James walked into the room. He looked delectable; everything lined up nicely, his jacket was in the crease of his arm, and his briefcase in hand. His cream collard shirt fit his body nicely and his forehead stress wrinkles disappeared upon setting eyes on me.
“Afternoon baby,” he smiled at me.
“Evening Mr. Davenport.” I placed the book on the coffee table and walked to James. He placed his arms around my waist and pressed my body against the adjoining wall and his tongue infiltrated my mouth.

“I’ve missed you baby girl.” He said letting go of my frame.

“I see, so what’s really going on? What does Niecy know?”

“She suspects a “side bitch” as she claims. She says that I’m changing.” The emotions were running crazy through me but my face remained calm and sure.

“I advised her that I knew she has been having an affair and to back off because I’m the innocent one.”


“I know her and I know she’s trying to figure it out,but we are already two steps ahead of her. We are going to utilize our skills of deception to deal with each other.” I didn’t like the way that this sounded. I was beginning to be his mistress not his business plan. I had officially fucked up.

“James this is getting out of hand. I think maybe we should just stop seeing each other altogether and you start putting the money in my account until things die down.”

“I don’t want to do that. I want to see you, taste you, be inside of you. I want to smell your hair when you’re asleep and in my arms. I want you.” He responded. I walked over to him and sat on his lap.

“I understand that James and I love being with you too, but in this case I’m being more than just a business affair and more of a mistress. I don’t want to be anyone’s mistress.”

“I know.” He sat rubbing my back.

“I think we should lay low until further notice. Would she follow you?” I asked.

“I followed her.” He replied.

“You two are definitely one in the same. She’ll have someone following you and even tapping your phone.”

“Well, let’s make us a plan.” He smiled.


Tia wanted to keep our interactions separate for a while until things cooled down in my house. I hired an investigator to alert me of anyone that would be clocking my whereabouts. Tia’s idea to slow down and have someone watch my back and funds were genius and it would help me stay one foot ahead of the game. This encounter I didn’t get to make love to Tia because of the issue of Niecy; we only had time to brainstorm out our lives as separate but equal entities. This separation would help us with our significant others. We had become more than what was previously arranged. I had fucked around and caught feelings for a young girl with some tight pussy and big brain. I was completely and utterly turned on with just the thought of her. As I walked into my home, Niecy was set up like a homemaker with a red wrap dress, black Louboutin’s and an apron. She pranced around putting a turkey into the oven and I could tell her favorite lipstick had been applied. When we were younger she would put red lipstick on before she sucked me and it would drive me crazy. I could tell that she was trying to right her wrongs and wanted me to fall off my game.

“What’s all of this?” I questioned.

“I want you to be fed by your wife. I want you enjoy a meal.” I agreed and told her that I needed to get out of my clothes to update Tia on her actions. Tia response was just as I expected “This bitch is sneaky. Do not stop being cautious. Watch your food as well hell she sounds like she’s trying to kill you.”  I chuckled and headed to the kitchen with my tie off and shirt opened.

“You look nice today.” She responded as she stirred whatever was in the pot.

“Thank you.” I responded. We participated in small talk until the food was prepared. It had been so long since my wife had prepared dinner for us and I was reluctant to believe she would cater to me in any other way then running her mouth. We dined together, conversed together, and even slept with one another.

“No matter what James I will always be your first love and I will always have your back. I would hope that you would say the same thing in regards to me.” She slowed the whine of her hips as she rode me to express that. I held her hips  and reassured that we would always be great as a couple.

“So you told her that you were all good with her choices?” Tia questioned over the phone.

“Yes, I mean what was I supposed to tell her?”

“I don’t know. You all are crazy.”

“It’s years behind this relationship.” I replied.

“I don’t want to be apart of the bullshit. Just please put my money in the bank.” She waited for a response and I didn’t say much.

“I really don’t have to do shit for you.” I spit.

“So be it.” She hung the phone up. I wanted to call her back… But was it worth it?

BUMP OR DUMP??? Who is the her? Did LaTia let James get to the next level???? Let us know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Sugar Baby: Sh*t Happens

  1. Stephanie Camba

    Wow, this is crazy……. I think James is confused, because you have a young, beautiful, brilliant woman who makes him feel wanted and young again and than he has his wife who he has history with. They work together, established a business together BUT she is having sex with one of his bestfriends and that is not cool. Tia, is catching feelings for James though, it’s so obvious. She gets mad at him for having sex with his wife or when things are going good between them, and with Ron she thinks of James. I wonder is James ever going to leave his wife though???????


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