Sugar Baby II: “I Want Out!”

sugar baby“I Want Out!” (Short)


“Baby, I have to talk to you about something I should’ve mentioned before.” I rolled my eyes as James begin speaking. This was becoming a problem.

“You fucked her didn’t you?”

“It was before I met you. I got drunk.” James spilled his guts.

“You told me you didn’t cheat on Niecy not once. You deliberately kept this and that you knew her before she began working for you from me. You are beginning to make me regret being with you.” This hurt me. I hated this part of love.

“It wasn’t my intention to upset you LaTia. I didn’t tell you because I don’t want to lose you, but not telling you wouldn’t be right. We are together and I don’t want any secrets like Niecy and I had.”

“Honesty? But omission of the truth is considered a lie to me. I love you James. I let my guard down to be with you and to love you. I’m walking around here beefing with a bitch who has it out for me and we aren’t even team because you have smashed me and her!” Tears begin to swell up in my face. I felt like I looked stupid but no one knew about us so it was just my pride.

“It was before I met you. It was the week of meeting you; the day before. Everything after has been about you; your wellbeing, finances, tuition, happiness, sexual release and whatever else I can do to make you love me more.”

“Are you a fucking cheater James?” It flew out of my mouth before I could even think about it.

“No. It happened once on a drunk night. It will never happen again.” He pleaded.

“This shit is too much too soon. We are moving too fast and I want out.” They finally fell; I couldn’t hold them back. I usually never cried or had the urge to shed one tear but I couldn’t help it. Was I crazy for loving a man ten years my senior? Was I silly for falling for the man that started out as a mere sugar daddy? How did I even get a sugar daddy? How did I get a full time position at his business? How did I fall head over heels in love with James Davenport?

“No.” James stated. His face was stern and he meant every word that came out of his mouth.

“What?” I wiped the tears from my face.



“I said no. I understand that everything isn’t the way that you want it. I understand I could have communicated my past with Charlotte, and I also understand me hurting your feelings. But if you don’t learn anything from me, you will learn persistence. We won’t separate; we aren’t going to fucking quit, and I damn sure am not allowing the woman I love to walk out of my life after I just got her.” Pissed didn’t even describe how I felt. Here I was trying to tell the truth and this young ass woman was too blind to the fact that I was trying to do the right thing. She was young and fleeing would be the easy way out. I don’t want the easy way out. She didn’t speak; she looked stunned.

“I said I want out.” She repeated the line a little sterner but I stepped closer to her.

“We aren’t separating LaTia. You aren’t going to fuckin’ run away like you always do. Shit happens and when it does the easy thing to do is to leave, but we aren’t leaving. We are going to handle our relationship like adults. You may be young, but you aren’t dumb, a quitter, and if you’re with me you are so much more than any young woman your age.” We stood face to face. She didn’t have on any makeup, her hair was wrapped, and face was red and flushed due to her crying. Her body was perfect in her tank and boy shorts and when we looked at one another we didn’t say anything.

“I said I want out!” Her voice quivered almost like she was trying to convince herself that that is what she wanted.

“Why you want out? Because I kept a secret from you or that I gave her your dick?” The vein in my forehead begin to bulge at the thought of her leaving me.

“Sex is irrelevant.” She stated. I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to me. I moved my hand behind her hair and forcefully pressing my lips onto hers. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me back just as aggressive as I had her.

“Yes, I am mad that you gave her my dick!” She grabbed my cheeks hard and firm. I yanked her hand off of my face scooping her into my arms and pulling her upon my body. She locked her legs around my waist damn near climbing me like a spider monkey to a tree. I maneuvered her body slightly slamming her into a wall, shoving her hands above her head, and slowly tugging her tank off exposing her breast. I caressed her chocolate nipples between my thumb and pointing finger. She moaned low and I ran my tongue from her neck to her nipple.

“How mad are you?” I questioned her.

“Mad as hell!” She replied. She grabbed my shirt and we shifted positions.



I slammed his back against the wall this time. I unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his hairless chest biting his chest and then his nipple. He liked when I bit him. I undid his belt and the package had already busted out of the brief he wore just like I liked it. I slowly pulled down his pants and ran my hand down the shaft of him. It was chocolate with the pinkest tip and I don’t know what it was about but the veins always excited me. I swallowed him…



She humiliated me in front of the staff and then welcomed me to the company. I knew that attempting to come for her would be tricky. I paced the living room floor and begin to think of chilling out and accepting the role at the company. I wanted to call James and check him about his display of criticism with all our employees. He was specifically targeting me and I wasn’t ready for that side of him. I decided that calling wouldn’t be helpful for me because I honestly enjoyed his voice so I opted for the text message options.

James, are we friends? I thought we were but now I’m not so sure. I’m sorry that I tried to kiss you. I thought that after the sex you’d want to explore other options with me. I was wrong. I do apologize. It’s strictly work from here on out. But I do have a proposition for you that I’d like you to consider.

I wanted to fuck him one more time. I didn’t care who “Sugar” was; that wouldn’t change the orgasm I would receive from fucking James. He was everything a girl wanted and I would be professional at work and after… I couldn’t promise anything.



I lifted her off of my dick and slammed her down onto it. She rested her hands on the top of my head and she held onto me as I fucked her standing up.

“You are mine Tia. There’s no ending it anymore. It’s us. It’s LaTia and James. You hear me?” I grunted as I slammed into her. She couldn’t continue thrusting her hips like she wanted to because she couldn’t keep up. I watched as I disappeared in and out of her, the juices were all over my pelvis and my lower stomach. Her weight begin to shift and so I lay her on the surface of the dining room table and dived head first into her sweet nectar. She immediately grabbed the back of my head and fed me like I hadn’t eaten in weeks.

“Are you leaving me?” I asked, but before she could answer I trapped her clit in between my lips. I watched her squirm uncontrollably. I lived for this moment.

“Noooooo,” she howled and it resonated throughout the dining room. I finally slowed my pace and finished dining off of her. I placed myself back into and she held onto me and there were tears running down her face.

“Did I hurt you baby?” I panicked.

“No, I just… just finish.” I didn’t know what else to do. We continued making love until we both came one after the other. We were laid out on the couch after the session thinking and relaxing when Tia disappeared into the bedroom and came back with a small multicolored glass bowl.

“Let me see it.” I took the bowl out of her hand and reached over to my bag. Inside of the small zipper in the bag, I pulled out a 3.5 of kush. We were accustomed after a great nut to blow trees together; of course, this wasn’t the first time I had smoked, but it was the first time in a long time and it felt amazing.


James inhaled the bowl and held the smoke for ten seconds before exhaling it. He took another hit and prompted me to come to him. I put my mouth over his and he shotgunned me. We continued to smoke until both our eyes were low and red. He influenced business and perfection; I influenced marijuana and forever together. I was still hurt though; no sex would change that. I needed to make sure Charlotte didn’t get carried the hell away.

“Why were you crying bae?” James completely lost his professional edge while under the influence of green. He became this cool ass dude that you knew all the girls wish they could have; calm, cool, collected, freaky, and understanding.

“It hurt me. I want to be with you but you cannot hurt me. I don’t want to go through what you went through. If you love me, you have to be loyal as hell.” I slowly affirmed. We were ass naked trying to have a serious conversation and these were the moments I loved.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt you shawty. I love you and want us to work.”

“I know but I have to dip when I feel like you bullshitting me. It’s like second nature to make sure I don’t get hurt.” I responded.

“Baby girl, I bet you in the next five years you’ll be my wife.” I didn’t say anything. I was stuck. THC and love had clouded my judgment…



James never responded and so I called him.


“Whats up Jay?”

“What’s up Char?” He sounded slow and sleep. It was early and through me off.

“Did you get my text message?” I stumbled upon the question.

“Yes, but I’m tied up and busy,” I heard a woman in the background and felt really stupid sitting in the line with him.

“My bad. Forget the text message. Night.” I hung the line up and vowed to leave his ass alone.

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