Sugar Baby II: Just Wait on It

sugar babySugar Baby II: Just Wait on It

In the courtyard, Ron stood staring at his ex-girlfriend Tia. He sucked his teeth at the sight of her and she was completely unbothered or aware of his presence. She passed by him, looking into her phone and listening to music without looking up. He reached out to tap her shoulder and she turned slowly to stare him straight in the face.

“What’s up Ron? Long time no see.” She stated with a smile.

“I know, I’ve been busy with work and school. I haven’t seen you either, you look great.” He stated.

“Thank you. You do too. Looks like you’ve been working out.” She responded standing in front of him.

“I have. We should have lunch.” Ron expressed immediately.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. I have someone I’m dealing with that I cannot be disloyal to.” She stated shifting her body weight obviously uncomfortable with the turn of the conversation. Ron didn’t speak immediately, but seemed to look at Tia for a change in response if any.

“So after all of the time you told me you didn’t want to be involved with someone you committed yourself to someone?” He blurted rudely.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you in any form or fashion. I would like to be friends and if you want to go to breakfast as friends maybe that won’t be such an issue.” Tia stared square in his face. What had she seen in this man besides his good looks?

“I wouldn’t mind that and I wasn’t trying to make you explain yourself.” He rebutted smoothly.

“That sounds good, but you need to remember to detach yourself from your feelings.” Tia stated.

“I can’t, but think of unresolved shit. Shit we never got to talk about before we broke up.” Ron spoke. Tia looked at her phone for the time and then started to wrap the conversation up.

“You should call me later to schedule the breakfast. I have to be in my study group in about ten minutes. Have a good day love.” Tia walked away from Ron without much concern for anything he wanted. He watched his ex-girlfriend walk away and refuse to look back for him. It made him feel some type of way; he wanted her back but he didn’t know why.



Ron smelled delectable with his cologne that close to me. He was up to no good and I had to watch my back. There was something in his eyes that I knew better than to trust and I knew that lunch would be an issue for James. He had been trying his damndest to keep his previous life separate from what we were establishing. There were times were I doubted the truth of what I had at such a young age and it was terrifying to be grown and mature at all times. It was tiring being the baddest and hardest working woman in the office, but there was nowhere to go but up from the position I was in.

“All you do is work and fuck around with James. Can you please come and turn up this weekend? You need some space from your man.” Josalyn had the rest of my girls chiming in and I agree.

“Where we going?”

“Edgewood Friday and Peter St. Saturday! Does it matter bitch? You going!” Jessica jumped in and answered the question.

“I’m in, but I do have to butter up my pookie to let me go without a fuss. I think he needs to hang out with his boys as well.”

“I wouldn’t trust any of them niggas after his ex-wife and ex-best friend.” Josalyn commented.

“Who the hell you telling?” I agreed. We parted ways in the courtyard and headed to our prospective classes for the day.


“Baby, I am going out this weekend.” I sat on his lap as he watched the game. We were always cuddled up with each other. I had on his boxers, my tank, and knee high tube socks and he wore nothing but his boxers with his beer in his hand.

“Where you going?” He sipped the beer. I watched his throat as he swallowed; I was a weirdo but I loved man’s throat.

“Edgewood and Peter St. I will be turning up, half naked, one text or call away, and more than likely drunk.” I smiled at him.

“Be safe and make sure you end your night in the bed beside me.”

“Where else would I be?” I kissed his cheek.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” He stated without looking at me.

“I saw Ron and we decided to have lunch one day.” He placed the beer down and before he smoke he grabbed my face and pressed his lips to mine.

“That sounds appropriate. Keep me posted.” I agreed, I would before making him a plate of baked salmon, asparagus, and baked potato.

“I will, but he doesn’t seem like a friend at all. It felt weirder than anything. I don’t want to meet up alone.”

“I’ll come and spy on y’all,” James joked as he put a fork full of vegetables in his mouth.

“I’m sure you would. He would see you and flip.” I responded.

“He would have to see me first. Let’s get through one thing at a time.”

“Cool, I was thinking you could hang out with your boys while I’m with the girls.”

“I’m not feeling that. I’m going to take my mother out and then maybe chill with my brother at Apache for his artist’s show.”

“That sounds good baby.” I responded.

“I want you to meet my mother.” James shifted his body to face me.

“When?” I choked out.

“ASAP; any woman I think I’m in love with my mother must meet. I have respect for her opinion and I would like to see what she has to say about you when you aren’t around.” James turned around and made sure that I heard the message. If I wanted to remain his girlfriend and turn into his wife, his well-to-do mother would have to meet the young girl he’s dealing with. The situation was weird; we didn’t meet on good terms. We met while his wife was fucking his friend. We didn’t start as friends; he was my sugar daddy and I did what I had to do to keep my tuition paid. We didn’t even date off an awkward social media, but we met at an café where he tried to hit on me with his wedding ring on. What the hell was that about? What would I do to explain that? How would she treat me?

“What all does she know about me?” I asked honestly shook and afraid of the answer.

“What do you mean?”



“I’m very honest with my mother. I am very focused on delivering her what she dishes my way. That doesn’t work for everyone that comes in contact with us because everyone isn’t living; some folks are just trying to get by so the truth isn’t in them to save their life. They just out here lying for the next come up and the next step for success. My mother calls people out and really listens for who the person is. My mother knows everything and answer her without any guilt in whatever she says. It’s always a test the first hour.” I stated. It sounded retarded but who had been this woman’s pride and joy his whole life? Who knew my mother better than anyone? I did. I knew she’d love Tia, it would be a matter of pushing past me being her sugar daddy for a time. That pissed my mom’s off, but it was all love at the end of the day. She was my mother, prayer partner, and my best friend in which I confided in.

“One day you will meet her. It’s all about the timing.” I responded to Tia. Dating wasn’t her thing and so I knew that meeting my mother would be a step that would possibly push her back. Her response to meeting my mother would be the determining factor for us. I knew that I shouldn’t be using the same pretense of the past but the last time I didn’t listen and I am no longer married. This time, whether we last or not, I’m going to make sure that everything pans out the way I want it to.

“Let’s go meet her tonight. It’s not too late unless she lives far.” Tia commented.

“It’s almost time for her to go to bed.” I laughed at Tia. She wanted to hurry up and get it out of the way. I fucked with his girl; I know that sounds young and cliché, but she always seemed to amaze me.

“Call her and set it up now.” Tia demanded me. I didn’t say anything, but pulled out my phone and hit favorites for my mother. Now as the phone rang, my heart begin to beat a little faster and I waited until my mother’s voice called out to me.

“Hey ma,” I greeted her.

“Hey my sweet boy.” She cooed through the phone.

“How are you feeling?” I questioned her.

“I’m just fine, you? Are you being taken care of?” I looked around at Tia grabbing our dishes, walking into the kitchen, and beginning the cleaning of the kitchen.

“Yes ma’am and yes ma’am I am. I actually want you to meet LaTia.” I just decided to put it on the table.

“The young girl? Are we getting serious with her?” My mother sounded chilled and open to meeting her.

“Yes, she’s actually way more than what meets the eye. She’s kind, she’s fashionable, brilliant, creative, and smart ma, this girl is smart. She scarily reminds me of Niecy without the extraness. I told her how important it was for her to meet you and she wanted to come tonight. Just straight up said, how about right now!” I walked around the apartment conversing fluently with my mother.

“That’s interesting. So this isn’t just a fling? I don’t to meet a spring break fling James. She needs to be able to handle herself and she needs to be able to hold a conversation.” My mother pointed out.

“Dang ma, who do you think I talk to?” I joked to lighten the mood.

“I know you pick good girls, but I’m picking this particular girl. From all that you’ve told me, she sounds great. I just cannot get over you being a sugar daddy to some young ass girl. You built your own company, don’t let a young bright girl skew your perception.”

“I won’t ma. Tomorrow then?” I responded.

“Sure. After you all get off of work.” She stated.

“Okay, at the house?” I questioned.

“Yes baby. I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I love you too mom.” I responded.

“Tell her good evening.” I smiled at her. She was my sweet and couldn’t be replaced.


We pulled up to my mother’s house and we sat in the car waiting while Tia got situated with the meeting. She wore a blue and white business dress with a tan cardigan and tan pump; her hair cascaded her shoulders nicely and she wore a coral lip. She was stunning in natural light and very much focused on the meeting at hand. I stepped out of the car and walked over to her door letting her out of the car and grabbing her hand to calm her. We walked to the door and I rang the doorbell; this was about to happen.



This was it; the door was open and before me was a pecan complexioned, 5’6 foot gorgeous woman with gray strands of awesomeness. I loved a woman that embraced her grays and rocked them. She wore black slacks, fitting golden blouse, and she wore house slippers. She appeared comfortable and opened her arms for James to walk into. She shifted from him and looked at me for a minute and smiled.

“Well, James you didn’t tell me how gorgeous she was.” Mrs. Davenport commented aloud.

“Yes, I did mom. You told me you’ll be the judge of that. Remember?” We entered the home. His family lived in Snellville in a large home that was decorated flawlessly. Walking into the home was relaxing; it was an open concept, vaulted white ceilings, family portraits on the wall, and it smelled delectable. Her den held a white love seat, white plush carpet, and a large flat screen television. Her book cases were filled to the brim with what I wanted to say were great literary works, but I couldn’t read the titles from where I stood. The dining room held a large family table, a chandelier, and of course custom china.

“I am judging and she is absolutely a diamond.” Mrs. Davenport replied.

“Thank you Mrs. Davenport.” I stated confidently. It was a mind game like an interview. I had to let her know that I was not this young girl with absolutely nothing to bring to the table beside pussy. I had to be smart, but not cocky; confident but not vain or conceited. I had to be appropriate and I had to take up for myself because I knew she was coming for blood with how her son and I begin our dealings. I didn’t start with him being my sugar daddy; I advised his ass to stay with his wife, but you know how shit happens when you have two stubborn people.

“So you guys are officially in a relationship?” She asked. James winked at me, but I didn’t open my mouth. It wasn’t for me to establish our relationship, it was James. He was a man and he needed to say it. I felt she wanted to see who would answer the question in the first place.

“Yes, mother we are a couple.” James chimed in without missing a beat.

“I see. What do you say Tia?” She turned to me.

“Yes ma’am we are together.” I responded.

“How’d you all meet?” She quizzed. She was quick and on her feet.

“A café downtown. I was studying for finals and somehow we started talking, but I saw his wedding ring and tried to back off.” I answered without missing a beat.

“But she was so captivating I had to try get to contact me. She did needless to say.” At this point, we’re sitting around the table smiling and talking.

“Is this when you decided you needed a sugar daddy Tia?” His mother jumped out of niceties and back to business.

“That actually wasn’t my plan. I wanted nothing to do with a married man, a relationship, or false sense of love through sexual encounter. It was your depressed son going through it with Niecy that approached me with the idea of being a financial supplier for me. I needed help with tuition and we have literally been together since the beginning.”

“Why didn’t you turn down the money?” She smiled at me.

“Why would I turn down someone paying my tuition and showering me with attention as fine, sophisticated, and educated as James? Would you turn it down?” I voiced respectively. I didn’t want to come off as aggressive, but I knew what her angle was. I had to out think her son so I knew that the apple had to fall from somewhere and it was with Zola Davenport.

“Hell no,” She replied and everyone at the table burst into laughter. “I want you to call me Zola because I like you for James. You could’ve made your excuse and act like it was a fairy tale, but you kept everything out and in the open. I love it. Reminds me of myself at your age. I had a sugar daddy.” She winked at me.

“Mom, I didn’t know that.” James chimed in.

“Now you do.” We all laughed.



“She’s only twenty Jay?” My mother asked as Tia excused herself to the bathroom.

“Yep.” I smiled to myself because that question was asked by everyone who met her. We wrapped up our dinners and my mother continued picking Tia’s brain. My father was away at the office like usual and so she’d have to meet him another time. When the encounter was over and we were both in the car, I grabbed Tia behind her neck and I pushed my tongue into her mouth.

“I fucking love you LaTia Driscoll. I promise you I am going to spend the rest of my life with you! Let’s go and do something. I feel so invigorated.” There was a joy that surged through me holding this woman’s hand. There were just positive vibes after she met my mother. I felt like I had my two best girls on the same page and it set me straight. I felt the way I felt the day I thought I would spend forever with Niecy.

“I love you too. I didn’t know me meeting your mother would get you so fired up.” She smiled

“It’s a lot deeper for me. I think my mother is the world to me and she loves her family. I can see you being her for our family if we were to have one.”

“I never thought any man would be speaking of getting married and starting a family with me. Its poetic and romantic. I love you too baby.” She squeezed my hand.

“I told you that my influence will be great in your life.” I smiled at her. “I want to take you somewhere.” I drove her to Stone Mountain Park in the middle of the day. There was an area where the trees closed up and there was a wooden bridge. We drove over the bridge and parked the car; the wind blew, the birds chirped alerting us they were the only ones around, and I wanted Tia. We were in the Lexus with the tinted windows staring at each other.

“Come ride this dick.” She removed her seat belt and lifted her skirt. She struggled to get comfortable when she made it to the side I sat on but I felt her sweet wetness tickle the head of my dick and I was relieved to feel her on me. And she rode me until we both came, twice.


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