Sugar Baby II: Love & War

sugar baby

Sugar Baby: Love & War



Cameras flickered as I posed in Charisma’s black cocktail dress, the Jeffrey Campbell’s I wore accentuated the dress perfectly, and my hair and makeup popped especially well. There were moves I had been practicing since I was a teenager dreaming of modeling with Tyra Banks and I was working the set. All of the women modeling for Denise were beautiful shades and complexions of brown and it was evident that Denise knew to target the correct audience. I ran off after my shots and sat with Nikki, a fellow model, and watched the other model that the photographer was focused on.

“This is such a great shoot right?”

“Yes, it looks like a very nice line for a boutique.” I stated as I continued to watch. The model and I continued on with meaningless conversation and before we noticed Denise walked into the building in cut up jeans, Giuseppe’s, and a high ponytail. She owned the building with her style, and with her stature of power. Without James, she had a glow that was undeniable. It was as if she were finally free from bondage like the sight and senses of loving her true love completely melted the hate she spewed weeks ago. She smiled wider, her hair flowed, her hips were wide, and her pockets were fat; Denise had gotten her groove back even though it was never jeopardized. Looking at the woman whom had loved and married the man that I currently loved felt invigorating because I saw how much bliss she had from being away from him. I begin to realize that when you truly love someone you cannot try and be with another person out of comfort. I would’ve been with Ron out of convenience and I would’ve been happy, but I wouldn’t have the glow that Denise had. I realized that loving a man was way more invigorating than I had ever imagined because I didn’t grow up watching a woman in love. I grew up watching a woman hustle. I grew up watching a woman raise a little girl and step in to take on man roles to be two parents in one. I never knew the connection that two people in love could have and I didn’t value the person that I learned to love. I hadn’t allowed myself to love that intense. My mind was shooting all over the place, a mile a minute, in my thoughts, and in my feelings. She walked with perfect posture and looked as if she were on a runway constantly.

“You ladies are definitely the reason this line looks so amazing today. I want to thank you all and as we get ready for the last shot with everyone together, I just want you to know that I have blessed you all with every piece of clothing you have worn today.” Just like that she had given me a black cocktail dress, cut up jeans, a Balmain inspired blazer, and lastly, a long red gown. The girls gushed with inside laughter attempting to remain calm and professional. We really loved the clothes we had modeled. The last shot we cuddled up around Denise and struck the fiercest pose we had ever in our life and after multiple shots we dispersed.

“This is my first shoot where the owner of the boutique could afford to give away the clothes we tried on,” one of the chocolate models whispered to her friend as she got dressed ready to exit the building.

“Yes, everything is quality fabric and style. I love it.” Her friend replied. I hurriedly slipped on my long gray maxi dress, black knee high socks, boots, and pulled my curls into a bun. I wiped off the makeup and just applied some nude NYX butter gloss to my lips. As I pulled my bag over my shoulder and turned to leave Denise was standing in front of me.

“Hey girl.” Denise cooed.

“Hey Denise.”

“You looked so good out there and I’m sure the shots will be amazing. I wanted to give you a peace offering.” Denise stated before handing me a box that I knew was expensive. Inside of the box was a pair of nude Louboutins.

“What is this about Denise?” I asked skeptical of her “peace offering.”

“Tia, you had nothing to do with my marriage ending I created my own monster. The bottom line is I’m trying to be a better person. I ruined a lot of people’s days for no reason before because of my own unhappy life. You were an excellent person to work with, your vision, your drive, and your attitude is a component that not many young women have. Not only that, you are a little diva and I cannot help but see my young innocent self in you. I may not be the ideal “friend,” but I respect you.” I was speechless. I didn’t want to be buddy buddy with her, but I wasn’t turning down these nude beauties either.

“Thank you.” I said back to her. There was nothing more that I could say or knew how to say. We were already trying to avoid that awkward moment that we were having.

“I’ll call you to give you the final look over. Is that okay doll?” Denise stated.

“That’s perfectly fine.” We went our separate ways and I was back in the Atlanta air breathing normally and feeling beautiful. I stepped out on the parking deck and smelled the fresh air and the air of success. There was something interesting about the day and the way I felt as a woman. It was more for self-encouragement, positive affirmations to continue on, and it was about love.


“Meet me at the Holiday Inn on Sidney Marcus Drive and do not plan to have a quick lunch,” I texted James.

“R u okay?” He replied. I didn’t even reply back. I just pulled into the hotel and showered because I knew he’d come. I figured the least I could do is give him the room number, I did, and then I waited butt ass naked. He walked into the room and I wore nothing but the nude Louboutin’s and a smile. I had a glass of Crown Royal in a glass.

“Take this and come here James.” I didn’t know what was running through his mind, but everything in me were shaky and nervous with delight. I walked over to him and begin to undress him slowly kissing him. We were both in tune with one another.

Our lips met and for the first time I decided to let go, our hands intertwined with one another, and we were engrossed with the taste of one another’s skin, the beating of our chest, and the comfort of us being together. I put my arms around his neck and James lifted me off the ground and our tongues salsa’d as we tried to find balance with the world and our world.



I could feel her give herself to me like never before. She didn’t hold back anything; she spread her thighs as wide as she could get them I buried my fears into the sweetness of her pussy. I inhaled her scent and devoured her like my favorite piece of pie. She arched her hips, I didn’t hesitated to rub the tip in the same entrance where I allowed my tongue to explore. Her juices were young and sweet; they were of a peak in which my woman had just started to explore. There was something going on with her and I loved it. I pulled her small frame to the edge of the bed and slid into her slowly for the first time without a contraceptive.

“Mmm,” she let out lightly.

“Yes, my love.” I assured her. She rotated her hips in a slow 360 as I continued to penetrate her. Our flesh reinforced the passion and we stopped mid stroke staring at each other. I kissed her pink lips and her shoulder, and her nose. Her hands released my back and she grabbed my chin lightly and stared at me. It was the stare that I always looked for with Niecy. It was the affection that I always wanted from my wife, it was the sincerity that you look to see in your partner, It was the real life struggle that you go through when you are trying to keep your head up and out of the negativity. There wasn’t a damn thing that I had to say to her because I knew that in that moment…



My hands were secure around his face, his eyes were on mine, and we still hadn’t said anything. He begin to grind and start the sex up. I scooted further onto the bed and he followed behind me. I wanted to ride him and give him everything I had in me. I placed his hands around my waist and bounced him receiving everything he had to give me…



There had to be something here that I could find out about Perfect Tia, nonetheless, I couldn’t find anything. There had to be someone in this office that envied her as much as I. The office was rather empty due to lunch and I was in the files room trying to figure out what I could find.

“Ms. Austen, you do know that our file room is separated by managers right? Then from there its in alphabetical order. Right?” Keisha asked in the doorway.

“I always forget that.” I lied.

“Yes, these are LaTia’s files.” Keisha spoke clearly.

“They are?” I faked surprised.

“Yep. But since you’re new I am willing to assist you. What are you looking for?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“What do you think you know?” I asked before she could start.

“I know you have no bousiness in these files.” Keisha responded.

“I know that you have no business having a relationship with a coworker but you and Ben are in a relationship. I know that you spend nights together and leave together.” She said nothing and I loved it.

“Please don’t tell. I won’t say anything.” Keisha replied.

“I won’t. Now help me find something.” Keisha came into the room and we finished scavenging for something to pin on Tia.



I drove in a daze back to the office; my skin felt new and deliciously tended too. I ran my finger over my lips as my mind continued playing the same scene of our lips meeting and interacting. At the light, I could feel his hand gripping my waist, the palm of his hand smacking my ass, and the way that he bit the side of my ass.

“Tell me you love me!” He screamed.

“I fuckin’ love you.” I screamed. He held my neck rough yet licking behind the nape of my neck and the back of my ear.

“Tell me you’re not going nowhere!” He slammed into me doggy style pulling my hair, raw and natural. Our bodies created its own music and we were having unforgiven lovemaking; usually we are reserved, we are respectful, but today we lost every inhibition.

“I am not going anywhere Jay!” We broke the mold and we both ….


“Hello?” I answered the phone.

“Charlotte had me going through your files and she thinks she can blackmail me. I want you to meet me at Starbuck’s before you come in and then we’ll separate before you come in.”

“Bet.” I hung the phone up instantly pissed. I sped into the parking deck, fixed my hair, flattened my skirt, and pranced into Starbuck’s to find Keisha and Sarah sitting and talking.

“What the hell did this old bitty do?” I asked without alerting them I was standing there.

“Girl, she got caught all in your shit and when I said something girl she told me if I say something she’ll tell James that me and Ben are together. I acted really scared to find out her motive even though you know about Ben. She thinks you think you’re perfect.”

“I am going to end this bitch. She is fucking with the very wrong person.” I fused.

“Whoa, I’ve never heard you curse.”

“I do apologize, but it will be handled.” I sat with them and talked about formulating a plan to get Charlotte out of a job.

It was over with for now. I’d have the last word but I would let James in on my plan before I had to execute it perfectly.

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