Sugar Baby II: Models & Bottles


sugar babySugar Baby: Models and Bottles

Last Week Recap:


After the office was shut down for the evening, we separated to our respective cars and hightailed it to her apartment where we ate dinner, prayed, did homework, and went to bed. We were much more than a fling.



“What’s the deal with Charlotte? Is her work ethic very well?” I questioned James as we lay in my bed snuggling.

“She had good credentials and she had a very positive outlook on her previous job titles and her future with the company.” James stated plainly.

“She seems efficient enough. We have to make sure that the interns like her like they liked Denise. Denise was fair, more than efficient, and very vocal in seeing the company prosper with or without the interns.”

“I understand. I wish I could’ve given you Denise’s position, but it would’ve turned heads. The position you have places you in a position for growth in six months no matter what. Why are you inquiring about Charlotte?” James responded.

“Curious to why you hired her that’s all.” I answered sweetly.

“Sounds like a trick to me.” James chuckled.

“I was just inquiring. Now that I work full time here and take all my classes online I am really going to be trying to implement a better system for new hires and for everything going on around the office. Everything will be ran like before. Denise wasn’t a very great wife, but she was very thorough.” James hated her name, but had to use it frequently as his business was tied to her as well as his life for their whole marriage. “I’m sorry pookie. I know you hate when I talk about it.” I kissed his forehead.

“I love you Tee.” Our age had diminished. Our love flourished and it was still a secret. I can honestly attest to those persons who kept their life the most secretive thing they deal with because it was refreshing to hear everything, see everything, and no one to hide their clear thoughts and information being shady.


“I love you too.” Tia kissed my lips again.

“Charlotte has nothing on you. She isn’t a thought, an image, has no chance, nothing I want, and nothing I need.” I reassured my love.



“Darling, you don’t have to tell me. I look at her and I see cute, but pitiful. She isn’t secure in who she is and I am. I have never felt like she was competition. The only person that would remotely shake my rattle is Denise and I’m for sure you are going to walk away from what you have here.”

“Is that right baby girl?” I smiled at her.

“Completely.” We lay there talking, relaxing, and I watched her sleep. With everything that had been happening in both of our lives, we had become best friends. I didn’t need the drama and for her to be twenty years old surprisingly she didn’t bring much. Her mother raised her strong, smart, and though she grew up in a rough environment it helped push out a diamond. Not only was she gorgeous, but she was the top of her class, GPA was 3.8, work ethic was more than all of my college students combined and sadly, she reminded me of my ex-wife.  In Denise’s prime, she was enough for me not to look for other women. I had no need to because I had steak and lobster tails for the main course every night with Denise, but here I was again with another beautiful woman who treated me just as well as I her. The sugar daddy in me hadn’t subsided either, I paid my boos tuition, kept her dressed to the nines, bought her school books, and she cooked, cleaned, studied, and kept my Johnson in her mouth like she had a feeding schedule. I’d arrive to her place and she’d have nothing on but lace and her red bottoms. We competed in the gym, at work for the most productive things accomplished, and we would trade off date night. It was my complete duties to run my business, stay grounded, and keep LaTia Driscoll happy.


“Charisma is taking off love, how are you? How’s our business?” Denise asked as we sat in Cheesecake

Factory for business.

“I am happy. The business is doing great just hired someone for your position and promoted some people.” I responded to Denise.

“Is the woman in my position equipped to handle the job?”

“She has good credentials and I think that the interns will learn to like her.” I sipped my ice tea.

“Will you start fu c king her as well?” She rolled her eyes.

“You were my wife so that’s why you were sleeping with me, but believe me darling whoever I’m sleeping with is satisfied.”

“Oh, I know. Hung like a horse and freaky deaky like I like it.” We both started laughing.

“Does your girlfriend know that we’re meeting together?” Tia was very much my woman but we very much didn’t have a title.

“I don’t have a girlfriend just yet.”

“Can we cut the act James? I know you and Tia are together.” Denise stated plainly. “Quite frankly that young girl is sneaky, conniving, and smart little girl. Much like myself, I’d appreciate if you claimed her as your own. I have a husband, it’s okay for you to have a girlfriend even if she’s fifteen.” Denise was trying to be a friend. It had so long since we had been friends. I was buying and I wasn’t budging on keep my life personal.

“I just promoted her to Director of Designers.” I responded.

“She will be awesome in that department. What else is she awesome in?” Denise joked at me.
“How’s the marriage so far?” I questioned.

“The truth?” She asked.

“Yes. I can take it. I’m out of the heart break phase.” I spoke as I text messaged Tia.

“I am so happy. Not because I’m not with you but I’ve loved this man since I was a teenager and I shouldn’t have ever done this to you. You were good to me but I loved someone else.”
“I think that’s great. I don’t think I can ever be his friend again but I definitely support you all’s union. But what’s going on with my investment with the store?”

“The boutique is booming. Women actually like what I have to offer, the fact that I have helped with your company helps me manage my company, and also when I’m snatched everyday who wouldn’t want to buy from the boutique? It’s all about appearance.” I agreed with most of what she had to say but I also felt like she was full of it like most days talking just to seem important.

“I’m glad that you are excited about your business.” I replied.

“Yes, but I called you hear because I’m having a photo shoot for the boutique and I was thinking of asking Tia to be the main model for my website.” Denise stated.

“You would need to contact her. Do you still have her contact info?” I asked.

“Yes sir. Is that okay with you? I wanted to run it by you.” Anything to get me to admit my involvement with Tia, but I refused to give the satisfaction to her.

“She’s my employee and what she does on her spare time is her business.” I replied.

“Okay, I’ll contact her today.” Denise replied. We discussed life as two separate people, ended our meeting, and I headed to meet with my brother John. John knew everything that had been happening in my life and it was time for him to talk with meet before Tia showed up to meet him in person.

“What’s up bro?” John stood and we hugged. We were in his studio just kicking it and talking.

“Nothing, I was just wrapping up editing some photos and waiting on your ass. What’s been up?”

“Son, I’m just working.” I replied sitting in the chair beside him.

“Working and hitting shorty right? How is that going for you?” He asked.

“Yo, this is the best situation I been in. I thought that Niecy would break me and my pockets, but Tia is something else dawg. I really appreciate her rocking with me.” I stated. I could always be candid with my brother. He understood the situation well, hated Toine as much as I did, and though he had his own photography studio he still had just enough hood to run up if I needed him to come through.

“But that situation started off as you breaking off ends on her right?”

“Yeah, but she cut me off when I was spazzin’ over Niecy and told me to keep my money. She told me she was already in school and didn’t need the unnecessary drama.” I stuck up for my boo.

“She’s only twenty? That’s crazy because them chicks that are young definitely are schemers and money hungry.” John stated.

“Right. I can’t even lie and say she didn’t help me keep everything together. I wanted to go to war with Toine, but she kept my business going, made the Midtown Venue perfect , and demanded respect  from me.”

“Are there anymore chicks out there like her?” We both started laughing.

“Nah, where is Terri? That’s going to be your wife and your baby mama.”

“She’s still crazy, reliable, and still putting up with me.” He replied. As we casually caught up on everything, Tia chimed in on the monitor. Tia knew how to make a dude feel good showing up as fine as she did. She wore a tan pencil skirt, soft pink crop top, and some pink pumps and her hair was in a bun. She didn’t wear any makeup and she owned it. The sexiest part of Tia was her simplicity and her presence period.

“Tia, this is my brother John, John this is my girl Tia.” The embraced and I wish I could read the mind of my brother when he saw her.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Jay. I’ve heard a lot of about you and your brother.” Tia spoke.

“Same here Pretty. You been keeping my brother in line?” John asked her.

“We keep each other on task. But I tend to be on him more because I have this perfectionist issue.” We all chuckled. As we were talking and relaxing at the studio, Tia received a phone call and walked out of the room to take the call. I knew it would be Niecy, but I hadn’t opened my mouth to warn Tia.



“What’s up Niecy?” I couldn’t believe that she was on my phone.

“Hey beautiful. I have a business proposition for you.” I rolled my eyes, but listen intently. The gig was being the lead model in her boutique’s ad she was putting out.

“What is this really about Denise?” I questioned because there was always a catch with her. There had been no other words exchanged between us after the Midtown Venue.

“It’s about putting some money in your pocket and about slaying my outfits for this boutique. Whatever else you have going on, I promise not to be a bitch even if you are messing with my ex-husband.”

“I guess that was your last jab huh? Even though you were having an affair with your ex-husband’s best friend.” I responded, tongue quick like lightning.

“Though, I should definitely not like you. I actually do. You remind me of myself. We should be friends.” She chuckled on the line. My life had been a whole lot of crazy, but unfortunately, I could see Niecy being a frenemy; we’d love to compete against each other, but it would be weird and crazy.

“Let me get back in this studio and I’ll call you tonight to discuss details.”

“What studio? John’s?” She inquired.

“Mind your business Denise. I’ll call you later.” The dynamic for power was ran deep between us, but there was only one woman that was in the chain of command these days while pertaining to James.

I entered the studio amazed at everything that had occurred and was glad that it wasn’t such a sticky situation like we both assumed it would be. There had been a lot of sneaking around and a lot of underhanded behavior that it felt good to breathe with the BS.

“Who was that baby girl?” James asked.

“Denise.” John and James eyes got so big they could have fallen out.

“It’s business. Carry on.” I spoke.




“The key to success here with this company is communication and a great work ethic. We are now a team people.” My voice carried over the interns who stared at me intently and took occasional notes. “Mr. Davenport wants some of the interns to submit some design ideas for a small business on Peachtree. These aren’t going to be set in stone, but we would like to see your creative detail. Along with your designs, you need to make sure that all your paper work is still filed and submitted. Everyone will have their projects they’ve been working on but this special project is just that. I expect all reports to be turned in.” The interns were susceptible to everything that I had to say. As the meeting ended, I watched intern Sarah and Keisha walk past there desk and knock on Tia’s office door.

“Sarah and Keisha, are you going to have your paper work completed or will you be visiting with Ms. Driscoll?” I asserted myself.

“Well, Ms. Austen, our specialty projects are with Tia. We aren’t apart of the normal team.” Keisha responded. Sarah had an attitude that needed to be nipped in the bud and I wouldn’t dare hold back doing the nipping.

“Sarah, can I speak with you?” I asked Sarah.

“Yes.” Sarah walked over to my office and I asked her to close the door.

“Yes ma’am.” She said to me.

“Would you like to sit?” I offered.

“No ma’am. I’m more comfortable standing.”

“Is there an issue with me questioning your work and what you are doing?”

“No.” Sarah responded.

“Okay, I sensed there was something you wanted to say to me and held back.”

“No ma’am.” Sarah responded.

“Okay. Well, go along and finish up what you have to do.” I loved this power. I loved checking a basic little college student. I hadn’t had this much authority ever.  As Sarah sauntered out of the office with a major attitude, I watched her mosey over to her friend Tia. The office door was closed and I headed over to James.


I knocked on the door ever so lightly pulling down my charcoal grey skirt and made sure my makeup was on point.

“Mr. Davenport, did you need me to do anything for you?” I questioned. He looked like a million bucks with his shirt neatly tucked in, his pants fitting nicely, and his brown shoes. He smiled as he saw me and I knew the attraction had begun.

“No, Ms. Austen, I’m okay. If I need anything, I have a couple of people to go to. I really appreciate the gesture.”

“My pleasure sir. I am having lunch this afternoon, if you’re interested you could tag along.” I was bold. Before he could answer Tia was behind me smiling her gorgeous smile and standing behind me quietly waiting. I wasn’t sure if she heard my question, but I didn’t have a regret.

“I have plans. Thanks for asking. Ms. Driscoll, how can I help you?”

“I don’t need to speak with you. I would prefer to have a private meeting with Charlotte.” There was something in her eyes and I knew that little college student opened her throat to “tell” on me.

“Oh okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.” James stated. I headed out behind Tia and we walked into her office and closed the door. I felt as if she was my superior and she damn sure wasn’t.

“What’s going on Tia?” I asked.

“Where do you get off checking my interns? Why were you so rude to her in the first place? Sarah is a hard working intern here and she is not a slacker. She always starts her day as well Keisha with me in my office and James knows that.” She fumed in a sweet and professional voice. She was snatched and she was right.

“Well, I do apologize, but I didn’t know that. I felt as though Sarah caught an attitude with her and I wanted to communicate with her about it in case there was something I was missing.” I responded quickly.

“Well, she is your intern because you are over all of them, but her special projects, mornings and errands are with and for me. If you need her, speak to her with professionalism. You hurt her feelings and she didn’t even do anything.” Tia rebutted.

“I hear you.”

“You can go because now obviously you have an attitude.” Tia pegged it on the head.



“James, I just checked your new hire. She was rude to Sarah and already seems to be hungry for power. Please check your friend.” I stormed into his office.

“Baby, close the door. Come here.” I closed and locked the door. We were alone at last, but I was upset with Charlotte and her bold attempts. “Baby, what happened?” James asked as I sat on his lap facing him. My legs were pried open and it was just us. No one could come in and I wasn’t trying to get out. He slid my g-string to the left and begin lightly rubbing my warm clit. I ran down my side of the events and he listened attentively.

“I will speak with her.” Was all he stated. I knew he would handle it and as I lay back to enjoy my five minutes of pleasure there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll be with you in a moment.” I moved fast and pressed my dress down.

“By the way, that lunch she invited you to is dead.” I opened the door, put on my attitude face, and shot a look to Charlotte. This was about to get interesting.



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