Sugar Baby II: Office Werk

Sugar Baby II: Office Werk 
sugar baby

His hands were locked in mine and Maxwell was blaring through the stereo inside of his home. The house had been shut in for the entire weekend; no one was in or out besides the two of us. We had immersed ourselves in our love and it had begun to flourish without any distractions. There was nothing but sex appeal, constant communication, and bank accounts filled with money.

“I love you,” spewed from his lips engulfing my being and I loved it. The foolish games had ended and we were experiencing the normal infatuation you feel when there is nothing that could be wrong with loving a person like you’d never love a person before. This was to my disadvantage; I would have to become a tad bit manipulative to ensure I kept him hooked into me deep. As my legs rested over his broad shoulders, as the room was dim from the lack of light we wanted, and as I continued to give him every juice I could muster I wanted power, not the evil power that women wanted, but the power to keep him with me as long as I wanted him. Not the power that his money afforded other women, but the power I deserved as a woman in love and a smart young woman at that.

“Promise me you’ll stay with me.” He moaned as he pressed himself inside of my walls. I arched my

back to take everything he had to offer me. “I promise.” I reciprocated back. When we were both

depleted of secretions and noise, he slept peacefully. His chest rose and fell and I watched my man

sleep. This was the end of the weekend; homework had been completed, love was made, we decided

our positions and tomorrow was work.


I pranced into my office feeling like a million bucks. Everything was working out wonderfully; The office

was flourishing, Niecy was with her husband, and I had my love. There were quite a few things that

seemed to be going as planned. Today would be the day that Charlotte Austen would come into the

office and start managing the interns and Tia would cross over to the full time position with the

company with her own office.

“Charlotte Austen is in.”

“Send her in.” She pranced in the office and I guided her to sit in the chair across from me. One of the

first things, I noticed was her fair skin, white smile, and pretty face.

“I hope you are to manage these college interns. We are so honored to have you here.” I started the


“It’s a pleasure even being considered and chosen. Today, I would like to introduce myself in a staff

meeting if possible. I would like to meet everyone important.”

“I’ve called one for this morning.” The day I met Tia, she gave me the same exact look that Charlotte was

giving me currently. The same way Tia looked for my married finger Charlotte had as well, I followed her

eyes as she figured I was off the market and smiled. The day I told Tia I loved her was the day I had

decided I’d be loyal to her no bs, no drama, and no drag. I had enough with Niecy and I didn’t want Tia in

the hands of another man with a broken heart. This broad was smart, tall, and pretty, but she was no Tia

Driscoll. I had to make sure I let that be known and quick. We stood, shook hands and I opened the door

for her to exit.

“Mr. Davenport, I’ll look to see you in the conference room.” I didn’t say anything as when I made eye

contact with LaTia staring into my eyes. She smiled and walked toward me in her newly purchased

Donna Karan black peplum jacket and slacks that were tight around her tiny ankles, and nude patent

leather heels. Her lips were red like the roses that I had spread upon the bed and her walk was flawless;

Charlotte Austen had nothing on her. As she walked up to me, every man in the office stared at my

woman. I smiled because I knew I was the one she loved;  I knew the impact that I had on her life and it

made me feel grand.

Charlotte Austen

James a bottle of the finest wine and I wasn’t quite that luxurious yet. I had a few spurts of bad men in

my life, but this was a better opportunity. I always saw what I wanted and I knew that James was what

would fit and fix the problem. I looked around my office and I had made it as Director of Interns for the

company. The desk had a name plate for me, the door was for me, the set up was for me, I belonged. I

made sure that I meditated before heading to the conference room and no one was in there. I sat beside

James stair in the center of the table and wanted to watch who sat across from him. That position was

very important; I had to get close to that individual learn what they knew and try and elevate in the

company. There was no room for misleading issues; work had to be done. Everyone shortly begin to file

in the conference room, the college students were talking amongst themselves and sat in their

prospective seats. All the seats were filled except James’s and the other seat I hoped to fill. James and a

beautiful young woman walked in holding a tablet. James stood at the end of the table staring down

calling for order with just his suit and tie. It made me swoon being that close and as everyone settled

down the young woman sat in the seat directly in front of me and never glanced up to look at me once.

“Morning everyone. We have some great news this morning and other business to take care of. We

have an addition to the family here, Ms. Charlotte Austen. Ms. Austen will be the Director of Interns

replacing Denise.” Everyone clapped for me and I stood to wave.

“Since you stood, would you like to give them some of your background and expectations?”

“Sure.” I responded confidently though I was very scared to deliver my speech. I wasn’t afraid of the

college students, I was sadly intimidated by the woman that stared into my face intensely but with a

kind regard in her eyes. She winked at me and I begin to breathe again.

“Good morning, as Mr. Davenport stated I’m Charlotte Austen, but please call me Charlotte. I am so

excited about the opportunity with this company and with you guys here. I received my BBA at

Oglethorpe and have worked in many companies, but this one just feels like home. My expectations of

you guys will come with our personal meetings I want to implement Friday mornings, but overall I would

prefer open communication. I am here to assist and you all are a great and bright group of college

professionals. I look forward to working with you.” I finished out my spill, received a few claps, and sat

back down.

“Welcome Charlotte.” James stated clearly the air for the next few announcements.


She was a very pretty woman; there was a weakness I spotted the moment she looked at me sitting

beside James and across from her. I couldn’t put my hand on it but she was a weak woman. I would

need to fill her out and keep the tabs that I do all new individuals in my life because this wasn’t just

work, this was what I had currently planned for my future career.

“One of our budding interns came in as a rookie, alert and ready, was pushed to the limit to plan and

make sure the Midtown venue party was exceptional. She also organized the HR records after Ms. Patsy

retired and begin running the HR helping me fire the new HR teams while she went to school. This

individual is very punctual, she decorates everyone’s cubicle for their birthday, and she is all around a

great asset for the company.” I smiled sweetly. I earned my position; most of the things that were

mentioned were during the weeks of separation between us. It was the chance for me to prove to the

other workers that I wasn’t giving up the goods; I wasn’t a favorite by anyone especially with Niecy being

a bitch, and here I was getting an upgrade.

“Ms. LaTia Driscoll is being promoted to Director of Designers. This is the position that our newly

promoted interns to designers went for, but the right person for the job is Tia. She is organized, helpful,

savvy, and we really appreciate the work that she does around here.” His tone was straight and narrow.

He showed no favoritism toward me and the group looked happy to be a part of my promotion.

“Say something Tia.” James stated.

“I am so happy to have been promoted here. I think that every one of you are capable of being

promoted and growing with this company. I bust my butt for everything I do and most of you have called

me “Perfectionist Paula” but I work hard for you all and for me. We are all grateful to have such a great

job, with great benefits, great time schedules, and a great CEO. I love this family.” I turned to face

Charlotte and stated, “Welcome to the fam girl.” All my friends winked and cheered for me and my

promotion. We finished off our first meeting and dispersed to our area.

Sarah helped me design my office and Karen assisted as well. They were my girls here at the job and we

had even hung out along with my bestie Josalyn.

“New girl thoughts?” Sarah begins.

“I think she seems cool. Not much interaction even when she was being hired.” I replied.

“Now everyone knows I’m talking about the heffas looks. We are by far the cutest chicks in this office

now that Mrs. Davenport isn’t slaying in this office.”

“I think she has a cute face, decent taste, but she doesn’t demand attention when she walks into a room. She can definitely work on that but right now she’s a basic older woman.” I stated.

“She has a girl crush on you Tee.”

“Hell no, I’m not playing with old chicks.” We all joked.

“Did you see her looking at James?  Like he was an ice cream cone.” Sarah made the room of everything.

“Yes chile, All of the chicks do.” I stated without looking up.

“Except you. You barely acknowledge his sheer sexiness.” Sarah stated.

“He’s the boss and if you acknowledge it too long your ass will be walking around like Miss Austen looking thirsty and needed a beverage. Girl no! He’s cute, but it’s all good. His money turns me on instead.” I responded.

“I feel that.” I stared around the office as they gossiped and watched my man. He smiled at whoever he spoke with, but then I did catch the glimpse of Charlotte Austen’s needy stares. James approached her, spoke, then disappeared away from her as if he could see me staring. There was someone else to watch and it looked like she held the same position his ex-wife Denise held.

Charlotte Austen


She was one of those pretty bitches that everyone wanted to flock around. I caught a glimpse of her in the office, decorating with the other girls and couldn’t help but want to flock myself.

“You will fit right in,” As I sat thinking, Tia came over to my desk and stood in front of me.

“I think I will too.” I responded looking at her suit. It was clean and I couldn’t deny how lovely she looked.

“Just make sure you interact. These college students are down for anything you offer but they just want to feel like they can be themselves around you.”

“You are in college as well correct?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am. I am, but my professor raved about me being here, I’ve worked my ass off, and it’s all paying off.” Tia responded. We chatted a little while longer and she left with a walk that allowed me to understand that I had nothing on her. The flow of her hair, the straight forwardness of her speech, the way she walked, talked, and handled every single important document that came across my desk this very first day led me to believe she was Miss Reliable, worthy, and definitely drop dead gorgeous competition. I wanted her as my friend and James between my thighs. It would be fun.



After the office was shut down for the evening, we separated to our respective cars and hightailed it to her apartment where we ate dinner, prayed, did homework, and went to bed. We were much more than a fling.


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