Sugar Baby II: Pop Bottles

sugar babySugar Baby II: Pop Bottles

The ladies jumped out of the car dressed to kill. Josalyn wore a tight hot pink dress with black pumps, Kendall wore black high waisted shorts, a tan crochet halter crop top, and black pumps, and Tia wore wine colored sheer lace body suit with black and wine colored scuba knit paneled leggings with nude red bottoms. Each face held just enough makeup, more than enough happiness, and just the right amount of liquid courage influence to give them a night filled of unaltered fun. They glided through the parking lot and walked up to Rico.

“Rico, let us in there.” Tia smiled at him. Her eyes were low and her hand rubbed Rico’s muscles. He smiled, whispered in her ear, she released a laugh, and lead the girls through the line to enter the club. The music was blaring out of the speakers, there were cups of alcohol, marijuana smoke in the air, and security guards flashing lights on those who were ducked off in the corners of the club. The girls headed to the bar and stocked up on another drink to continue to level them out. They walked through the crowd feeling completely free and enjoying the atmosphere. These girls were A students with full time positions but it felt good to be able to enjoy their time as friends out on the town. Each girl found a spot to drink before they were approached to dance. They swallowed their drinks up before slowly grinding on the men that had chosen them.

“Yo, you bad as shit ma.” Russ said to Tia.

“You think so?” She smiled at him and he assured her.

“I know so baby before you leave here make sure I get a way to contact you.” Russ stated before ending their dance and walking away. Russ had the old nineties feel to him; that Ginuwine and Aaliyah look. His hair was short and curly like a pretty boy, he had on some jeans that fit perfectly but weren’t too tight, his shirt was a button down and he caught Tia off guard. She thought about really handing over her number but knew that he would interfere with her love for James. It was difficult being young and gorgeous…and taken. LaTia realized all at once that she was in a relationship with a thirty year old man that did everything that her mother always wanted from a man while still in college. She realized all at once that James was mentally, physically, and emotionally attached to her. She realized all at once that she literally met the man of her dreams gambling her body and mind for her future. He took his time, money, and truth to invest in someone he didn’t know and if she could make him do it, what else could she demand from the universe? She took a shot of Tequila while she was in deep thought. As faded as she was, she surveyed her surroundings to see what she could offer the world. Tia spotted Russ on the edge of the bar with a chick hitting on him. She rolled her eyes at how fast she assumed he had forgotten her. She stared harder and it was Charlotte in the same club with the guy that initially wanted her. It didn’t bother that Russ was on her, but it did bother her that she was there on another man that had in her. Everything that she desired lately was coming with a Charlotte receipt attached, but she vowed to not sweat it. She crossed over to wall holding her drink and dancing with her friends; Russ kissed Charlotte and that only made Tia laugh. Tia understood that it was big show off from the pitiful chick and Tia ignored her and Russ like they weren’t inside of the club.

“Can I get another Patron shot?” Tia asked the bartender.

“Here li’l mama.” They switched drink for card. Tia knew that she was gorgeous and she loved the attention that she had. As she was about to walk off, there was a tall, dark chocolate man with long dreads tied up stylishly standing in front of her. He stopped right in her face and grabbed her hand with nothing more than finesse.

“What you want to drink?” He asked.

“I want a Liquid Marijuana.” She stated staring back in his face. The two stared at each other as if there were no one else in the club.

“I’m Ralph. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He handed the drink to her and walked away. She wanted to watch him until he disappeared, but that is exactly what he wanted.

“Who was that?” Josalyn asked.

“A guy named Ralph,” She smiled.

“How do you know him?” Josalyn asked.

“He bought me a drink.” Tia’s night was becoming more and more odd the longer the night prevailed. As the crew walked through the crowd toward the stage, Charlotte bumped into Tia.

“Excuse you!” Tia blurted unable to control herself any longer.

“My bad Tia.” Tia noticed who it was and her eyes softened.

“Oh shit Charlotte. That’s my bad, I didn’t know that was you.” Tia lied. Tia knew who it was just as Charlotte knew who Tia was. It wasn’t a coincidence or a happenstance; these two women were frenemies over James Davenport.

“Yes girl, I’m out here trying to turn up for the one time.” Charlotte responded. The girls continued to the crowd and back over to the booth that Kendall stayed behind to save.

“I feel that. Don’t mind me girl I’m a little tipsy.” Tia warned.

“Who you telling?” Charlotte agreed.

“Ladies, this is my co-worker Charlotte, Charlotte this is Kendall and my best friend Josalyn.” Josalyn flashed a fake smile toward the enemy and continued bobbing her head to the music. As they all chatted over the music, Ralph made his way to Tia and pulled her away. Charlotte pulled out her phone and begin to video tape Tia and Ralph. Ralph was attempting to reclaim the prize he walked away from earlier that evening. Tia rested her heavy body against the wall as Ralph posted one arm over her head and stood extremely close to Tia. Tia’s mind couldn’t gather what was going on before Josalyn started dancing and “accidentally” pushed Charlotte making her drop her phone. Josalyn was very much protective over her best friend and knew that Charlotte was out for blood. She wanted Tia to suffer for always being on top of her shit and that was something that Tia refused to change.

“Let’s do this another time baby. This chick over there is trying to set me up.” Tia confided in Ralph.

“I’ll handle her if you utilize my number.” Tia agreed, took his number, promised to communicate before the end of the week, and Ralph exited stage right toward Charlotte who was pissed about being pushed by Josalyn. Tia walked over to her friends as Charlotte said a fake goodbye as she walked away with Ralph.

“Where she going with Mr. Sexy?” Kendall questioned clearly confused at the situation.

“He told me to use his number and he’ll get the bitch away from me.” Tia blurted.



Ralph was absolutely sexy and I knew that by text messaging him back and forth I would be my ass in trouble. What did Niecy do? Cheat on her husband and what am I doing? Following that bad bitch’s footsteps and I needed to snatch that bullshit up and act accordingly. We had been texting back and forth for the rest of the evening until I fell asleep. I hadn’t been with my man all day and sharing the bed with Josalyn still felt like home. She always gave me such life and I enjoyed being her best friend and sister.

“You do realize that right now you’re being a baby thot and you could possibly be sucked into another situationship with Mr. Ralph, right?” Josalyn stated as we laid in the bed reading the messages in both our phones to compare the thirstiness of every guy we talked to via text. We were typical women trying to figure out what the hell men saw in us besides our fat asses and pretty faces.

“Yes, and I swear I’m about to stop because James is always on it.” I whined.

“Don’t ruin what you have worked for with James forreal. It’s okay to have an egg in another basket, but just make sure your judgment doesn’t lead you in a situation where you lose the man you love.”

“I’m in love?” I asked now staring at her.

“I’ve never seen you follow a pattern of work, school, and a man like now. You are queen of “I don’t want a relationship” and “I don’t have time to love anyone” and now you’re making plans for you and him. I personally think it’s adorable and I want you to live in this moment. You’re grades are amazing, you are glowing, you are dressing better than all the other bitches, you’re making amazing money, and you have a fucking sex life. Yassss, bitch I’m inspired.”

“I think that it’s getting worst for me though.” I verbalized before I thought of what I was saying.


“I think I really fell in love and I’m wanting to run. I can’t though, he’s the man that I have always wanted and now I have him and I feel young.”

“Why run? You want a bunch of young bullshit and men who aren’t ready to be anything in life? Honey, that’s what I do. I go on dates with men who aren’t on my level, give the hell up, get some good penis that has me wanting more until I get bored. However, I’ve always rushed relationship. This is still growing for you. Stop being afraid; love him.”

“He’s older, divorced, and he’s my boss Josalyn.” I confided in her.

“Yes and you knew that, his wife deserved to be left, and he’s your boss because the one time he thought he was losing you he found a way to be around you. That’s a classic love story and that I wish to have.”

“It feels like its too much.” I stated.

“Without thinking about it, say the first thing that comes to mind when you hear James’s name.”

“My love.”

“Okay then bitch love him. He’s fine, well-groomed, and he slays in the bed department. His only irritant I can see is being a mama’s boy and he’s not even that bad.”

“True.” I had a lot to think about regarding life and what the next step would be.



The black pant suit and pumps were on point as I headed to James’s office to bring Tia her shots. I wanted to see my old place of employment and see all the people that I had been bitchy to over the years. I missed this piece of my life; managing and helping run the business. I needed to see how my young protégé was handling her man, his business, and her new position. I walked through the front door to see Regina’s smiling face.

“Hey Mrs. Davenport.”

“Well, it’s just Denise now. How’s everything with you?”

“Everything is great, good grades and great social life.” I winked at her.

“That’s key. Have a good day love.” I walked passed her and onto the floor. All my old interns came running and hugging me catching up on life. As we all talked, there was a woman that came in. She wasn’t exactly ugly, but she sure wasn’t anything to look at. Her dress was tight and unprofessional, her hair was in tight curls, and she looked over to me with curiosity. Well, curiosity killed the damn cat and I wish she might even open her mouth to ask who I was, but she continued walking.

“Is that the woman that took my spot?”

“Yes ma’am and we hate her.” One of the interns whispered.

“Must she go?” I asked.

“We would rather have Tia taking your position. She takes care of everything anyways. Ms. Charlotte is too busy trying to be in Mr. Davenport’s face, and trying to figure out who he’s dealing with women wise for her to do her duties.”

“And she’s a bitch.” Sarah blurted out. We all started laughing at her outburst.

“I’ll find a way to handle it. Where’s Tia’s office?” They pointed me in the right direction and I walked to her. I knocked on the door lightly and I heard a ‘come in,’ and entered her office and closed the door.

“Hey boo.” I greeted her with hugs.

“Hey love.” She responded.

“Who is Charlotte and how do we get her fired and you her position?” I didn’t waste time.

“Charlotte is the chick that James slept with when he found out that you cheated on him and he hired her before telling me all of this. She has kissed him one time already and she keeps asking him out. She has had Sarah trying to spy on me to figure out my weakness, but a bitch like me doesn’t have any. I want her gone, but you know that I’m not going to say a thing about it. He’ll fire her when he’s ready.” Tia was straight forward and to the point. I knew that he had stepped out once with Charlotte, but who could blame him? I was happy she was nothing compared to what I was or Tia for that.

“I’ll tell you what to do. Become her best friend and figure her out and crush her.”

“Is that what you’re doing with me?” She asked.

“I don’t want your man, had him for twenty years, and no, I actually like the woman that stole one of my husbands.”

“I didn’t steal him.” Tia smiled. Her demeanor relaxed a little and we were now open to casual conversation. I was no longer the enemy, but Charlotte was both of ours. She fucked my then husband she didn’t fit the mold of the company.

“I have your pictures from the photo shoot.” I opened my bag and pulled out the proofs. We sat looking at every picture and she chose the ones she wanted put in the ads. I looked at her young face, no blemishes, fair skin color, and absolutely no stress at all. I watched how her eyes lit up when she saw the woman that I saw in person and in pictures. This woman was a very rare woman to me; there were plenty of pretty faces, but their passion and drive didn’t match. I loved her attitude, her way of handling her business, and her sense of reading and checking a bitch in a sweet way.

“I love them. I can’t believe you are trying to be nice to me. You know I know you plot to ruin lives.” Tia stated staring into my eyes.

“I’m an ally to you, understand that. I could’ve done all types of crazy shit but I admire you. You are a strong woman and women like us become friends not enemies. Too strong women stick together and run shit; we are too grown to be on petty and catty female bullshit.”


“Let’s get this bitch out of office. I’m going to start the thought in James’s mind and plant the seed.” I responded.

“Okay. Don’t make it obvious.” I started chuckling at her.

“That was cute; I’ve been plotting all my life baby girl. I know how to make my husband do something.”

“Well, he’s your ex-husband and I’m pretty sure I do as well.” I put my hands in the air and winked at her.

“I’m sure you do.” Before I walked out of her office, I made sure to fix myself because I knew Charlotte would be studying our every move. As sure as my name is Denise, she sat in her office gawking to get a glimpse of what the real women were doing.



Denise walked into my office without a knock on the door. This woman was still fine; she smiled as she placed Tia’s pictures on my desk. I smirked at the sight of my girl on ads of my ex-wife’s business; how many niggas you know with a bad ass ex-wife and a gorgeous girlfriend who work together in the long run? I was a winning man these days.

“What’s up Niecy? You look good.” I spoke.

“I know and you do as always. I want you to fire that new bitch; you’re interns hate her, she keeps giving me the side eye, and she’s tacky as hell for this office.” I loved her honesty.

“I can’t just fire her because no one likes her, she gives you one side eye, and because she’s not as fly as you want.” I responded.

“LaTia deserved my position. I know you didn’t give it to her because you don’t want anyone to know that you’re fucking her, but really she works her ass off. It’s not a handout when she really works for the position.” She stated plainly.

“You don’t run this company anymore sweetheart.” I smiled at her.

“Change it up before Charlotte fucks something up like your relationship. I like Tia and so don’t fuck it up.” With that she walked out of the office and didn’t look back. I knew what she was saying was true, but things had to be handled differently as in a professional manner. As I made my normal rounds, Charlotte was sitting speaking with Jolene, the only female that liked her, and as I walked by I caught heard a piece of her conversation. She said, “Yes, Tia was at the club and she was hugged up with this nigga she met. He left her tired ass and came home with me.” I rolled my eyes and continued moving.


“So you go to the club to be hugged up with a nigga?”

“Huh?” She replied.




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