Sugar Baby: Is It The End?

IMG_5027Previously with SugarBaby:    “I apologize.” He responded.
“You aren’t sorry. You wanted him out of the picture.”
“I did and I got it.”
“And you want me to go from Sugar Baby to mistress right?”
“I want you to go from sugar baby to future wife.” I didn’t speak. I couldn’t…


I couldn’t believe what flew from his lips like it was okay. I was through with the drama. James wasn’t the dude for me and I knew for certain that he was making brash decisions due to Niecy’s actions. I didn’t want to act like everything would be okay and that we would go get married under the sunset. It was time to make a move; I had enough money saved up and stashed away to make a clean break and not be affected with the extra drama. I could finish school, work and save up for next year’s tuition if I needed to. I was just granted three small scholarships and pell grant, I would be alright. I still had money and material things that would keep this new lifestyle up for awhile but I wanted out and I want it now.

“Did you hear me baby?” James voice entered my ear again.

“Yes, I heard that irresponsible, crazy, emotional ass statement you made. You aren’t going to leave your wife to be with me. You are going to leave your wife because she is a fucking cheater; not because you “love” me so much. What is wrong with you? How naive do you think I am?” I snapped. I felt immediately tried and bruised. I was not just some chick that stole husbands and started dealing with the same shit young sugar babies get. I wasn’t ever supposed to get this involved anyway.

“I thought you would be happy.” He exclaimed absolutely thrown off of my response.

“This is a conversation in person and not over the phone.”

“When are you available?” He questioned me.

“Now, later, tomorrow… Without Ron, I’m always going to be kicking it alone or working on business.” I am on my way right now. I hung up the phone and waited in my bed; I decided to brush my hair up in a bun and throw on some sweats and a shirt. I didn’t want anything to distract this break up. Because It was definitely going to be a break up.

The light knock on the door alerted me that it was have the conversation that I dreaded. He walked into the house just as handsome as any other day, but I begin to get weak. 

“Hey baby.” He kissed my lips. 

“Hey. Please sit down on the couch.” I advised him to sit instead of stand. I wanted him to quit me instead of me breaking his heart even more. 

“What’s on your mind pretty?” He questioned.

“I cannot do this anymore James. I think that we are getting way over our head and I think you are reacting to Niecy and not thinking clearly.” 

“I know exactly what I want and I’ve known for a minute.” He responded. 

“And what is that?” I questioned with my arms crossed. 

“I want you. I think that we are great together.”

“You didn’t want anything more from me until everything came out about Niecy and Toine.” I responded. 

“It has intensified everything but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want.” 

“That is exactly what it means. I will be the first to say, I know you love me, but I do have to consider how deep this is getting and how I may have hurt someone over your actions. It’s not fair. I have not brought unnecessary drama to your situation and I expected you to do the same. You have allowed your situationship to get in the way of what we have established and one rule we have is to play smart.” I stated. 
“I completely understand your point of view. But does that mean that we are completely cutting ties?” I stared into his eyes completely hurt that I had to end it with the man I loved. 

“Baby, I have to let go of everything that we have going on.”

“I am the one that fucked this up. I will continue to put money in your account without bringing attention to you, I want you to stay at the business I will not acknowledge you until you let me know what you want, and I will get my head together.”

“I appreciate all of that but I think I should just separate myself completely.” I said. 

“I understand that you are trying to be strong and let us go because I know just how you know that you love me back. It may be the wrong time that I get you but you will eventually be the woman that will be by my side. This is a minor hiccup please don’t be offended by this, but do not be stupid.” I didn’t speak; I thought. He had a point,if there were no severance completely; make demands. 

“I want three thousand a month. No sex. No conversations besides when the money is hitting the account. I will still work for you but our conversation will be office friendly.”

“What do I get from this?” He asked leaning forward. He was absolutely fucking delicious. 

“One last night to fuck me and to see me every day so you won’t lose the final picture.” He stood up and walked over to where I was standing. He roughly tugged at my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. Our tongues danced and I was wetter than I had ever been. He finished ripping my clothes off and pushed me down onto my sofa. 



 I slammed her body onto the couch and decided I’d make love to her until I could muster up anymore strength. I had been trying to govern myself appropriately but she had had a point; I was the one fucking up the way we operated over feelings and emotions. I licked her collarbone and then up her neck and she loved me; she moaned gratified that I was the one that would make her beg for more. Her legs fell over my shoulders as I continued to stroke in her sweetness and we buried our secrets, regrets, and tongues within eachother’s mouth. Her hands were around my body gripping me begging me without words to hold on to her, to stay in here, and to never let her go so I continued gliding in and out of the cave she called punani.

“I have no regrets.” I whispered in her ears. She thrust her hips up and stared into my eyes.

“I have no regrets either.” She looked as if she wanted to form some sort of words, but I could tell she mentally decided against it.

“I love–,” Instead of completing my thought, I flipped her over and she arched her back for me. I smiled at the round ass that looked at me as she wiggled slightly to catch my attention. She didn’t need to, however, she was already a gorgeous specimen of woman. She was already perfect in my eyes. She already had what I needed. She was more than just a person I could brush off; I had to see her to complete my days. I wanted to say everything that I was thinking, but I knew that I had fucked it up. Niecy and Toine had ruined my sound mind; I had become overly confident and I honestly forgot that Tia wasn’t just some college fuck; she was smart, levelheaded, and I would pay for that. I watched her take all of me and I loved all of this scene. I lifted my hands and forcefully slapped her bare cheeks, she looked back and shot me a look as she bit her lip. We continued for hours like animals; I tried to consume her soul through the lips between her thighs. I tried to throw every curve, hump, and grind her way in order for her to cum as hard as she could possible cum. We both allowed ourselves any freedom we had because this would be the hardest thing we would have to do. We were finished. We were spent. We were sore. We were dreading the next two days of adjusting to our new existence.

“I’m going to go now.” I whispered kissing her forehead.

“Kiss me,” She whined as she was in and out of sleep. I kissed her lips and we both held on a little longer. “We will only be using the special line for the money drop offs. If you feel like you have to text me, more than likely, you don’t. Let’s try to really stay separate this first week. It is hard, but we have to call it off.” Her statement really pissed me off; at this very important moment of whatever the fuck this was she was still all business– NO emotions. I started feeling like the chick in this “situationship” and It was beginning to urk me.

“I am well aware of what the hell we’re supposed to be doing.” I snapped.

“You may run an entire company and an entire relationship, but you damn sure haven’t been able to contain our relationship lately so please miss me with the attitude.” She snapped back. I love this woman is all I thought of as I didn’t respond and I dressed myself. I hurriedly fixed my face because I knew that it wasn’t the end; I wouldn’t let her leave me.

Day one

Both Tia and James were  a complete mess after their “last” night together. As soon as James left her alone in the bed tears poured from her face like never before. She had been holding it in while they were making love and she now knew that she had fallen in love with a married man. She knew that she had to quit him and quit him hard. It was as if a drug addict going cold turkey; it would be hard as hell, but it was what was needed. James didn’t mope, however, he thought of ways to end his marriage and ways to get his future wife back. What had drawn these two unlikely spirits together? He was too old to feel this way for a random chick and she was too young to fathom what marriage would be like, but in the end they were in love. Tia walked into the office with a full suit on, 5 inch black stilettos, high bun and she didn’t dare acknowledge James’s office. She spoke to her coworkers, fixed her coffee, and sorted through documents on her desk. James refused to open his blinds fear of seeing her would break him, but he had to work. He had to check on his designers and that meant he’d have to see Tia. After two hours, James made sure he was error free and walked through the office. Tia heard his laugh and it warmed her but she refused to look up. James stood a foot away from her desk, stole looks of her, and continued his busy work. They noted each other’s outfits, hair, smiles, and conversations with others. Niecy brought all three of them into a conference room; James for business and Tia to notate for the next move. Niecy had been taking Tia to all of her meetings and had actually lightened up around the office. Their marital drama had calmed a little since the first incident and day one was rough for the both of them.

“Tia, do you have any ideas for the launch of the new venue for Midtown?” Niecy asked.

“She doesn’t have to involve herself if she doesn’t want to.” James spoke up.

“As a matter of fact I do. This company has been professional its entire existence,how about we do something different with this venue. Why not invite all of your investors and clients out for a night of drinks, music, and art? You can have the venue completed, cut the ribbon,get them drunk, and get them home.”

“I love that idea. But we would need a party planner for all of this.” Niecy replied.

“Hire a party planner.” Tia responded.

“I think that because you are so confident in your idea Ms. Driscoll, you should plan it. I know you have a great vision in you.” James chimed in.

“I agree James. Tia, you are brilliant and I think you and James could pull this off together. I have a few other projects that I have to tend to.” The two refused to look at each other and they refused to agree to those terms.

“Unfortunately Mrs. Davenport, I cannot lead this project as I’m still manning school projects. I will help, I will bring ideas, but you will need to hire a party planner. Everything can come to me and I will get it over to Mr. Davenport, but I can’t do it full time.” Tia asserted herself. Niecy hated that she was smart enough to say no, but loved her boldness at the same time.

“That will have to work then I suppose. We just know you are the best intern here.”

“Thanks but there are other capable people here in the office.” She replied. They finished the meeting and headed their separate ways. Tia hurriedly put on sunglasses, packed up her bags, and exited the building. In the quietness of her car, she sobbed for James. She wanted him to look at her and smile from across the room. She wanted to be his little secret again, but she also knew she deserved respect and loyalty that only a woman’s man could provide. James watched her leave the office and stayed in his office for the remainder of the afternoon. His thoughts were unclear, he continued to look at his phone for her text messages, and he even thought of calling her on his own. But he didn’t. He couldn’t, and he wouldn’t.

Day Five

“I am losing my mind Reese. I am missing his ass like I’ve never missed anyone before.” Tia rambled on as she had began hanging out with her friends on free days like before. 

“Hell, I would too, but you know bitch it’s okay to be with your friends. Damn, we didn’t nothing to push you away from us!” Her friend joked, but meant every word she spoke.

“I know. I wasn’t blowing you guys off but I do have like work, school, and I did have him. Now it’s work, school, and you heffas.”

“Well, damn I didn’t know we were heffas. We are friends, we’ve always been your friends. Don’t act brand new lady.” They laughed and they joked, but it was real. They knew that Tia was sad because she hadn’t fallen in love with anyone in a long time. She claimed to have loved someone but when it didn’t work she applied it as the Universe sending her a message. She didn’t mope as they all did. She didn’t cry and if she did, it wasn’t in their presence. They loved her, but they loved this side of her too. This solidified that she was one of them and that her perfect life wasn’t as perfect as they all presumed.

“I know.” She didn’t even look up. She sat her head on her knees and reached for her phone. She needed a pick me up and so she decided to call her girl Jocelyn and head to the spa. Jocelyn was too busy with her own relationship and so she decided to go alone. It was a lot of alone time she was going through, but just as she was retreating to going alone, she called her mother.

“Ma, you off today right?”

“Yes baby. Why? You got time for me today.”

“Yes. I am taking you to the spa.”

“Can you afford that?” Her mother asked.

“Yes ma. I’ll be there in a few.”

They sat in the car discussing everything minus James, Ron, and Niecy. There was something wrong with Tia and her mother knew all to well that it was something eating away at her. She didn’t know what exactly it was, but she knew her child.

“We can do this two ways: we can act like there is nothing bothering you or we can address it. Either way, you’re going to have to let it out before you walk away from me miserable.”

“I’m not miserable mommy. I’m overwhelmed with work.” Tia responded.

“I was in labor with you for seventeen hours little girl. You cannot lie or try to convince me something isn’t making you miserable.”

“I’m okay mommy.” She lied again. She gripped the steering wheel and kept her eyes on the road. Her mother knew instantly what was going on.

“What’s his name and when did you all break up?”

“Mom, it’s nobody and stop it.”

“I knew you liked Ron, but I knew you didn’t love him. There was or is someone else that you are in love with and you are depressed about it.” Tia thought her mother was spying on her or was she really just that good? There were too many things happening and she didn’t want her mother to know she had been messing with a married man. What would her mother think of her?

“How old is he?” She questioned Tia.


“Is he married?” It was as if she knew.


“Does he love his wife?” Her mother asked her.

“His wife has been cheating on him with his best friend their entire relationship dating back to college. He has proof and he hasn’t left her because she helped build his company. I know he loves her, but does he want to be with her, who knows? But that’s not my concern. He was only supposed to be my sugar daddy and then I kind of fell. I mean he kind of fell; we are both moping the hell around because I had to stop his advances. He wasn’t disrespectful but when him and his wife started getting into it he started doing things that would bring attention to us. I told him I’m not a mistress and so it’s strictly business.”

“Is that what you want?” Her mother asked her calmly.

“I would love to be a naive woman and say I want him to be my man, but that just isn’t realistic mother.”

“Why isn’t it?” Her mother questioned her.

“He has a whole wife and I’m younger than he is. He may get tired of me and he may not treat me right and I don’t want grammy get mad at me.” Tia sounded young and didn’t know where to turn.

“Every reason you’ve said to me is due to you being afraid. It has nothing to do with what this man wants. I am not saying I’m on the bandwagon for you to be with an older married man, but don’t blame him for what he had, has, and wants. You have to be grown enough to start situations and to finish them. Don’t be moping around and being sad; you thought you needed to end it then live in that moment. You can miss a man and be just fine or you can miss a man and lose sight of what the bigger picture is. What does Tia want?”

“Tia wants a degree. Tia wants a career.” Tia replied.

“What’s his name little girl?” Her mother questioned her.


“Tia wants a James.” Her mother responded.

“You can’t always have what you want.” Tia held back her tears.

“Actually, I’d like to think of it this way; you can’t always have what you want when you want it. It’s only a matter of when. But my biggest concern is if he truly wants you.”

“How will I know?” Tia looked at her mother. Her mother loved her and she knew that lying and dismissing her would only intensify her curiosity of James. She had to be honest. She had to be open. She couldn’t judge. Her daughter was brilliantly minded, but had a wall up for protection and sometimes that hurt a person.

“You’re father didn’t want me. Had he, we’d have been together. When you love a man as much as I loved-love your father shit becomes easier for you to forgive. I wasn’t as smart as you and I thought it was okay to continue giving him everything he wanted with nothing in return. When anyone and I mean anyone wants to do something for you, wants to be with you, wants to support, has time to spend with you; they will do it. It won’t be a forever moment of crying and waiting… He will make it happen. I can’t answer that question for James outright but I do know that if he wants you like you think he does; he’ll come for you. Now keep your head in those books, keep your cookie between your legs, and make anyone or anything that wants you as priority work. I didn’t raise a promiscuous woman; I raised a business woman.” Tia understand. She understand more than anything or anyone that had had a comment. Her mother confirmed that she had made the right choice by giving up their sexual relationship. She had given up the love she had for him for him to recognize he had a choice to make even if it wasn’t her. The two headed inside of the spa and they didn’t say much. Tia turned to her mother and hugged her tight. She was grounded once more. They didn’t speak of James anymore. The stress had rolled off of Tia’s back and she was back at peace.


“I don’t know why you called her away, but I do notice the difference in you.” Niecy approached James with his coffee in hand.

“What are you talking about now Denise?” He acknowledged his wife.

“I’m talking about the woman you were seeing while trying to get over the heartbreak I caused.”

“What is your point?” He questioned.

“I want you to admit that you were fucking someone else.” She spit.

“Well, sorry darling. I don’t cheat on my spouse like you do. I don’t have to or want to answer any of your questions because if I cheat, it would mean we both aren’t shit. I like you being the ain’t shit spouse.” James responded. He knew that Denise would feel bad and that’s how he wanted her to feel.

“Fine. I will just have to prove it.” James didn’t speak or say anything. He politely opened a secret department in his desk drawer and pulled out a photo taken by the private investigator. The picture was of Toine and Niecy in the back seat of her car having sex.

“Like this proof? I would strongly suggest you get the fuck out of my face playing the guilt trip. I will divorce your ass so fast and have you locked up for committing adultery in Georgia and you won’t get shit for all of your hard work and dick sucking throughout the years because it’s a crime in this state. If you comply with being a great business partner, we can divorce whenever you’re ready to stop leading a double life.” Denise was speechless. Her eyes welled up in tears and she stood there dropping the coffee in his trash bin.

“I don’t know why you’re here crying; you were with Toine last night at Two Urban Licks with two of his coworkers.” James spit.

“How do you know that?” Niecy sniffled and asked.

“Men talk just like women; even more so maybe.” James laughed at her.

“Am I still being followed?”

“Why? I know you’re a cheater now so I gave up on getting proof. I have all I need. You have to check your surroundings.”

“Are you divorcing me James?” She asked.

“Nope. That is what you want and I am no longer giving you what you want. You want a divorce? Get yourself lawyer. Honestly, I’m no longer upset with you.I just hate when you try and manipulate me because you’ve stepped out on me. Get it together Denise. The day you request a divorce, I will give you enough money to live the life you’ve help afford me. I will give you anything you need to happy, but if you come for me with your man… I will make sure you have nothing. Let’s be friends. We can keep pretending, keep fucking, and keep working together until you’re ready to just love the man that you love darling. It clearly isn’t me and it was never me.” James locked his desk up and the two of them walked out of the office peacefully. James left as Niecy bawled in her car. He didn’t understand though; she had the option to leave with all of her money and she acted as if she didn’t want to. He thought of what Tia would say, chuckled and headed to the gym.The bitch is trying to maneuver her way to making you the bad guy for the divorce. Be smart not cruel.That’ll only add fuel to her fire. She is definitely an old chick scorned.

Day Seven

It had been now seven days without any correspondence. There had been many days of tears for one and anger for the other. It did; however, make things clear for the both of them: James wanted Tia and he knew he would have her. Tia loved James and she looked forward to what would come for the both of them. Until everything aired out… The two were done.

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  1. Stephanie Camba

    OMG, this is crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy. Tia is definitely not wrong for calling it off with James because he ruined her relationship with Ron on purpose when he has a marriage that he hasn’t even gotten out of. It’s like he wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. What is he waiting on when it comes down to divorcing Denise when he clearly has all the evidence in the world. That is crazzzzzyyyyyyyy, I wonder who is going to give in first? James or Tia, this was definitely crazy but I know that it is killing Tia inside because throughout the story she has cried for James, hundreds of times. She loves him!!!


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