Sugar Baby: Silent Treatment

IMG_5027Silent Treatment


“I really don’t have to do shit for you.” I spit.

“So be it.” She hung the phone up. I wanted to call her back… But was it worth it?

Nobody would call my bluff; you think it’s okay to try and lure me into something more than what I first offered. No sir. Not Tia Driscoll. I had too much riding on this and I already had my own relationship problems I didn’t need anyone else’s help. He didn’t have to do anything for me I would struggle before I let a man think he ruled my life. From the moment I said “So be it,” I had been in a bad mood. The emotions that began to build with James were getting out of hand and now that I had a little money stacked from him, I would have to work my butt off, but I would rather work than be humiliated and drug through the mud. How dare he?

His calls remained on silent and I would watch my hand reaching for the answer button but I refused. His text messages were immediately deleted because I didn’t want to risk it. It was over with; he stated he didn’t have to do shit for me and that is all that his ass had to say. His wife was cheating on him with his best friend and he thinks that because she made a little dinner and sucked a little dick that she would fall back from finding his side chick? No, I was born at night, but not LAST damn night. I had missed calls piled up and one voicemail that I refused to listen to. Ron rubbed my feet and we relaxed in the tub together. We had been hot and heavy making sweet love the entire break from James.

“Baby, what’s different about you lately?” Ron questioned rubbing my feet.

“I don’t think anything is. I’ve been working more hours like before. I had started slacking but I have to hit overtime to get more money each check.”

“I mean besides that. You always make time for me so that’s not necessarily the problem. What’s different is your attitude.” He responded.

“How so?” I questioned not really wanting to hear his answers.

“You seem to be withdrawn, quiet, and always to yourself unless we’re making love in which I can’t get you to shut up and enjoy it.” I smiled at the statement. Lately, I had been dirty talking him to death as if he were James. I had him role playing and bussin’ like it was nobodies business. I had indulged in the sexual appetite that would make me forget the man that I had fallen for.

“Really?” I responded. I’ve always heard people say that you can’t be in love with two different people because if you loved the first then the second one wouldn’t have a chance. I didn’t agree; I had so much love for Ron, but how I felt for James was weird. Why was I even interested in an older man?

“Yes, I think you may be caught up on someone else.” I watched his face and we both burst into laughter.

“There is nobody else but you big head.” I responded pulling him into an embrace.

“Bet not be. I work too hard to make you happy,” He said grabbing my face and looking into my eyes.

“You are so beautiful.” He complimented me. I smiled and we embraced in another kiss. I had been changing before his eyes and didn’t think he would notice.



Every attempt was futile and I grew tired of being ignored by Tia. I wanted to hear her point of view, her opinions, and her plans for the week like I always did. When I mentioned that I didn’t have to do anything for her it was merely guilt that I was even dealing with my wife. We had that effect on others around us; everyone thought we were the most dysfunctional couple and we knew it. We just kept it going. Instead of continuing the calls and text messages, I decided that I would leave a voice mail and make a deposit into her account. I still had my men following me to make sure I was good, but I didn’t want to let her down. I had decided to open an account for Tia in my name and get her a card where she could swipe whenever she needed. It was the least I could do since I knew I had pissed her off. I mailed the card to her house from the bank and made sure that the account was private and off the grid of Niecy.  I made a small five hundred dollar deposit and headed back to design with Niecy and the company.

“I bought your favorite lunch.” Niecy stated.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a steak special we always used to get.” I smiled at her to keep her cool and we entered the office. As much as I enjoyed steak, I was still a regular ass dude. I only needed my favorite panini from Panera. I mean the gesture was great, but it didn’t stop the fact that I wanted something other than the “finest” things. I wanted regular people shit and I didn’t want to be apart of a facade that I only appreciate the finest things when I came from rough beginnings. We sat in my office and we talked like old friends and though everything seemed copacetic my mind remained on Tia. I couldn’t shake her smile, the smell of her skin, and the way  she would tell me exactly how she felt. Niecy sauntered around the office in a charcoal gray suit with her favorite red pumps and red lipstick. She made my dick hard and my heart hurt; I remember the first time I realized that she was having an affair. I had her followed because something didn’t sit with me and all her outings. I found her in the parking deck of Atlantic station riding my boy in the front seat on his car. Besides crying, I thought of leaving her out of the will and divorcing her, but I realized quickly that it was cheaper to keep her. I begin to have a hatred for one of my best friends and I honestly couldn’t stand the sight of my wife. The only motivation I had was to continue to make money and then make sure that I had proof to keep most of my assets. Niecy and I tried to have kids, but I went through a period of fuck that bitch and we barely slept together. She thought that I was sterile, but a nigga was just heartless. I was tired and I deserved some good pussy, a cigar, and some Bourbon.  Niecy locked the door and walked over to where I sat on my desk. She laid the lunch out on my desk and spread my legs unzipping my trouser’s. He pulled my dick out and kissed the mushroom tip as I placed a piece of steak in my mouth and laid back against seat relaxed. I relaxed as she did her thing and I enjoy my lunch; she knew how to butter me up. She finished and I headed to a business meeting.



“We are here as leaders; we come together to run a business and therefore certain actions need to be taken seriously. As a woman, I will be labeled a bitch if I am too assertive in the work place,but if I were a man I’d be label the boss. There are so many unfair advantages women have being their own boss,” My speech for class was running smoothly when James entered my classroom. I paused a moment for speaker’s effect then began again. “Women must remain poised, confident, and listen to her male colleagues as to not overstep a boundary or to offend the “man”. It is expected of us to be smart yet sexy; we have to be on point in every aspect and not a smidge off or we are menstruating and being a “girl”. Are these the expectations we hold for our daughters who aspire to be the president or CEO of her company? Women in the work force should demand just as much respect and pay as men.” I performed my speech as my lover watched on gazing into my eyes. I wanted to reach out and smack him with my knowledge and lure him with my brain. I wanted to entice his dick through his senses and walk out of the classroom as if I had never met him. Professor Donnelly stood as I finished and the class clapped. James made his way down the stairs to the professor shaking his hand.

“This is the class speaker I have been raving about. He is the CEO of his own architect company which is really going in Atlanta. He is one of the many businessmen that I have business meeting with expanding on my communication ventures and book ventures. This is Mr. James Davenport of Davenport Architecture and Foundation.” As I sat in the front of the class like I always did, James stared directly at me or so I thought. He introduced himself, his business, his mindset, and spoke about his wife’s part in the company. He attributed a lot of the investments decisions on part of her being a business major at UGA and making him take risks. He summed his speech to fall on the points of my speech.

“Like the young lady here stated women aren’t seen as powerful in the work force but bitchy. They aren’t taken seriously and we as a business blame it on emotions and women issues when honestly women help grow business, they make smart decisions and investments and also take care of the things men don’t. Men aren’t really focused on details, but women are. I think that as a man who runs a company my greatest asset is a woman.” The women in the class were excited that a man had come up with that conclusion. I clapped as well, but I felt like he was trying to further kiss my ass. The class ended and I could hear fellow class mates calling him sexy and fine I wanted to tell them that tree is not one you want to climb or your ass would be stuck like me. He watched me gather my belongings and asked the professor for my name.

“Miss Driscoll, this is James Davenport. I remember you were looking for a paid internship and he is looking for a paid intern. I think because of your shared interests that you should speak with him.” He smiled at me. He plotted on everything; I wasn’t speaking to him so he comes to my school.

“I am definitely interested in a bright student like yourself. Mr. Donnelly has told me a lot about you and from your speech I can’t lie was very impressed with your articulation of the matter.” I wanted to roll my eyes, but my professor was so excited that he had offered me such a great internship.

“Thank you. Is there an application for me to fill out?” He opened his briefcase and handed me the application.

“Thank you. How do you want me to get this to you?” I inquired. I didn’t want to speak with him and I damn sure didn’t want to work for him while Niecy pranced around fucking him.

“If you have time, you can honestly leave your recommendations and telephone number and you can start next week.” I squinted at him. I didn’t have a choice; he planned to have me hemmed up in his office.

“Just like that? Why are you so confident in my intellect?” I challenged him. My professor looked on intrigued himself and loved the fight I had.

“I can tell that you are a fighter. Most of my team are gladiators and not to be funny, but we may need our own Olivia Pope.” I hated his smug attempt to make me smile. He knew damn well I loved Scandal.

“You mentioned you’re wife handled business however.” I responded.

“She doesn’t work full time. I need a full time gladiator.”

“Here you go.” I handed him the paper and begin to gather my things. “This is a credited and paid internship correct?” I asked.

“Yes Miss Driscoll.” Professor Donnelly replied. I walked out the door and I could feel his eyes on my ass in my pencil skirt, fishnets and boots. It was a beautiful day outside and I was posted outside of the library with Ron. His arm rested around my waist and we were drinking frappucino. James walked passed us and I straightened up just a little but not where Ron would notice. All of our friends surrounded us as we enjoyed courtyard. I received a text message that read: I got you now. I deleted the message and kissed Ron just as he turned to look back at me.

James had everything lined up for me to work for him. I wanted to turn the money down, but I wanted to be there as well to see what this sugar daddy of mine participated in on a daily. I dressed in a grey business dress, black pumps, soft pink lipstick, and I had my hair in a high bun. I accentuated my look with my reading glasses. My stomach fluttered as I stood outside of the doors; I swallowed my prided and walked inside. I walked to the receptionist desk and gave her my name.

“Miss Driscoll, Mr. Davenport is in his office waiting for you.” She pointed in the direction of his office. I sauntered over to hear voices inside of the office. I knocked lightly and a beautiful brown woman in a hot pink knee length pencil skirt, black mesh top, curls and big doe brown eyes. I couldn’t speak.

“Good morning darling. You must be the new intern LaTia.” She put her hand for me to shake.

“Yes ma’am, I am.” I knew who she was, I cringed at the sight of her. I wanted to cry and I wanted to slap her crazy ass, but it didn’t happen.

“I’m Denise, Mr. Davenport’s wife. I am not here everyday but I will be here to help train you. I need the interns to do things the way I want them done.” I shot James a look as she couldn’t talking.

“Is everything okay?” She asked.

“Yes, I’m just so nervous. I’ve read so much about the company and specifically about. I hope I am a good fit for you.” I lied and lied fast.

“You will be just fine. I have heard great things from James and your professor. You will fit right in.” Niecy said. She exited the office so that James could prompt me on my day.



I could see that she was pissed and I wouldn’t blame her, but Niecy was apart of the intern project. As soon as Niecy left the office and closed the door I knew she was far from forgiving me.

“You come to my fuckin’ class, make my professor give me this internship assignment, and then I get here and your fucking wife is apart of the program.” She paced back and forth completely upset.

“I had to get you close and I wanted to pay you and you wouldn’t respond to me.” I responded to her.

“You are too fucking much. I’m so livid.” She stopped at the pacing and looked me square in my eyes.

“I opened an account in my name for you. No more meeting up in secret locations unless you want to see me. I know you aren’t trying to see me or speak with me because of the shit I said and the shit I’ve done but here.” I passed the card to her and gave her the pin number. “I promise you that you will be safe and I will take care of you.”

“So you want me to stay here so you can watch me, finance me, and I have to deal with your cheating ass wife that you love to fuck in your office? Really?”

“I promise that nothing will happen to you.”

“Promise your wife that same shit. What happens if she figures out you’re in love with me?” I hadn’t known that I was in love with her. Her words hit me and I got quiet.

“You don’t think she’s going to notice the look you give me, the special things you’re going to try and hide but will do?” She asked.

“I’m going to keep myself together.”

“We’ll see.” She replied.

“Do you love me Tee?” He asked. She looked at me and didn’t answer, but there was something behind her glare. Niecy walked back in and called for her.

“Come on Tia, I’ll take you to your desk.” Tia turned away without answering me.

BUMP OR DUMP??? Who is the her? Did LaTia let James get to the next level???? Let us know what you think!

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  1. Stephanie Camba

    Omg Omg Omg this is so juicy I just don’t know where to begin. Tia oh Tia I am eager to find out what’s to come out of all of this. So the wife and the mistress finally meet, James comes to her school and Tia is interning for his company. I just don’t understand, this is a real soap opera. I’m confused because just like James said its when he found out his wife was cheating “it’s cheaper to keep her”, so I wonder what’s going to happen next. I hope Niecy doesn’t catch the two of them in the act or anything. This part has been the best of the best so far, it just keeps getting better and better.


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