Sugar Baby: Three Day Breaks

IMG_5027Sugar Baby:

“I’m going to keep myself together.”

“We’ll see.” She replied.

“Do you love me Tee?” He asked. She looked at me and didn’t answer, but there was something behind her glare. Niecy walked back in and called for her.

“Come on Tia, I’ll take you to your desk.” Tia turned away without answering me.



I sat at my desk text messaging my mother who was hailing queen of the students when in reality, I felt like queen of the sluts. I wish I were a woman that didn’t have a conscience; however, I had a conscience. I had a heart that was seemingly breaking and I had no control over anything. The woman that owned my loves heart was my boss and I was caught in a fuckin’ triangle that I didn’t think I would ever be. Niecy was out for the first three days of starting the position and that left with co-workers trying to be my new faux friend and my trainer to give me the low down on everything.

“So darling, the boss is cool as hell, sexy as fuck and the rumor is that he and Mrs. Niecy be getting it on in his office. But there’s also, another rumor that Mrs. Niecy has her boy toys all over the office. The boss should leave her but he’s obviously whipped. Anywho, you will fit right in.” I listened, I observed, and I rolled my damn eyes. It had all been a damn fantasy like he had it together, but he didn’t. He was just as messed up and I was more on the right track. Then it hit me: I wasn’t the fucked up part of the equation; I was the part that held it together. I needed his money but I didn’t need his money. I was on my way and he was in a dysfunctional marriage and here I was–an intern under his wife. I was under his wife like I was under him being fucked. I smiled at the employer name Sage and continued taking notes. James wouldn’t speak to me in the office, but text messaged me that he missed me, that he needed to see me and that if he didn’t he would continue to hit me up until I reached back out. James made sure that I completed my homework at work and that I quit my job that I had before the internship. He begin to literally take care of every need or want that I had had. Ron begin to fall deeper for me and plan more of a life together as if we were on the verge of commitment and I was standing in the middle of everything absolutely lost.  I had transformed into a workaholic that didn’t even plan on working in the business world. I would sit at my desk and watch James work while I planned his days and planned his meetings. I would print off the orders for the other artist and deliver them one by one like I was supposed to. The other women didn’t notice me much, but every man in the room noticed my subtle makeup, lipstick, and hairstyles. No one else mattered; however, James noticed every move I made and every decision I chose. I was a woman stuck.

“Granted, I am making the best money as a college student and that my boss is the sexiest man I’ve ever had a chance to screw, but damn it, Ron is starting to complain about me never being home.” I responded talking on the phone.

“I think that James is foul for this move he made, but you have come up immensely since working there. I would say that you to keep Ron in the loop as well as keep stringing James along. Has his wife been around?” Jocelyn questioned.

“Yes, every other day. She barely says two words to anyone in the office other than her gay men and her female do-girls. I can’t lie though Jay, she’s gorgeous, smart, and she gives me a run for my money.” I sighed thinking of how fashionable she was, how tall she was, and how James stared at her and wore his wedding band when she was around. I had a three day weekend and I had planned to cleanse my life completely of James, Niecy, and drama. I had no homework from completing everything so there would be nothing I would have to focus on but getting me together. It was well worth. I spoke with Jocelyn until I had arrived to my empty apartment. Well, the apartment that I thought would be empty. On my couch was James. He had used my spare key and as I placed my things on the couch, he moved his hand behind my head and pressed his lips on to my lips. Our kiss deepened; our bodies gelled and then he released me.

“I had to see you.”

“You see me everyday James.” I commented.

“I know, but I had to kiss your lips.” He responded.

“I need some space. You got me into a situation without confirming with me that this is what I wanted.”

“I needed you to get the money a different way! I wanted to see you and so I made sure you had a good paying job and time to get your studies in.” He said.

“You are a selfish bastard. You put me in harms way for a chance to look at your pussy from home and your young pussy at work.” I spewed.

“Excuse me?” He stated.

“You heard me. How do you think I feel? How do you think Ron feels me being away for so long without spending alot of time together?” I questioned.

“I could care less about Ron.”

“I’m sure. I have to walk on egg shells around your wife. You selfish ass man. :Listen, the next three days are mine. No work, no text messages, and no fucking. I have a man; I need space and you will give it to me.” James agreed and left myself without a hug or a kiss. I ran my bath water and headed to relax.



The whirlwind that I had created was sneaking up on me. I didn’t think shit out and I was in the dog house with the woman I wanted and my wife was loving me like never before. Seeing Tia everyday only intensified the thoughts that flew through my mind. As I stayed late with my key designer Keon, he noticed Tia before all the other men took notice.

“You saw the new girl Tia?” He quizzed me as we were designing.

“Yes, I’ve noticed her.” I replied unaffected.

“That girl is fine as hell.”

“She’s pretty, but she is a very good asset for the company. She has amazing recommendations, smart, and her professor is cool with giving her credit for it. How’s everyone treating her?”
“Chicks thinks she’s cool and we with dicks are trying to talk to her, but she says she’s seeing someone.”
“Don’t scare this one off,” I chuckled lightly. We continued to converse on everything and my mind fell on her again. It always fell on her; at 37 years old, no chick ever stayed on my mind. I felt like a young dude again making moves with my emotions and placing my money in between the cracks of strippers booty’s. Niecy frequented the job lately in hopes for me to give her extra attention that she sought in order to make sure I wasn’t doing wrong. These next three days without communication from from Tia would be hard but beneficial.

Day one:
It was a Friday night and I wanted some hot wings. Dammit, I wanted wings, Bourbon, and some pussy. The work week was seriously stressful without Tia presence; now imagine how stressful it was with her eyes on me. There were designers slacking, money being wasted on bullshit projects, and Niecy popping up adding unnecessary tension between Tia and I. It was weird bringing kryptonite into an office where it’s vinegar and oil working side by side. We were ticking time bombs ready to explode and we painted on our marriage glow working in the office. The glow was from lusting and loving two different people. It was from ignoring each other’s need for a divorce and burying our hurt in other people’s chest. We were glowing because we were right in the middle of falling in love with two completely different individuals as we would come home and be lost between receiving a text message and hoping for a picture. As we cuddled with IPhone’s instead of with each other; we were living a new age marriage and not marriage we saw our parents in. Every now and again, I would stare at the wan I married and think of the feisty woman that I fell so hard for. I would allow my heart to reach for hers even when she was too busy to reach back. I would hope that I wasn’t such a fuck up husband to a fuck up wife and that we had upheld our vows. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve but dammit how we didn’t. I went inside of the ATL Wings and ordered a 20 piece wing mix of hot wings and lemon pepper. I had the bourbon in Crystal at home and I probably wouldn’t get the pussy. But I damn sure sat and watched my DVR game clips and ate in my chair peacefully until Niecy sauntered in with tight white cocktail dress and headed to the shower. Looked like she’d fulfilled her need of wine, attention, and my best friend’s dick. I didn’t move, acknowledge her, or say goodnight. I was tipsy and wanted some pussy, but I didn’t get it that night.

Day Two:

Dion hopped out of the car with his blue and black Nike bag filled with his gym clothes because today we would hoop. We would return to the good ole days where we would get rough and take out our frustrations on life. I had been  needing a break and I was going to make sure that I had a great time. Toine and Jarvis were to come so we could play some two-on-two and it always got real because I always opted to guard Toine.

“What up dawg? Your ass been missing.” Dion dapped me up.

“I know been working and dealing with Niecy.” I responded as we heading inside of LA Fitness. We headed into the locker and changed out. Toine was in the locker room changing out and we both spoke to each other and headed to the court where Jarvis had reserved our spot and it began. The entire game Toine played rough and one time I had to stop and we were faced to face getting ready to go to blows.

“Yo dude, why the fuck you pushing me and shit?” I barked pushing him hard. I kept walking up shoving him until Jarvis jumped into to break up the altercation.

“My nigga, he’s disrespectful as fuck.” I spit looking square in his eyes.

“Let’s get the real issue off of your chest.” Toine questioned.

“Bruh, I know that you know what the fuck the problem is.” I replied.

“You are such a hater and you always have been.”

“A hater?”

“Yes, a hater.” Toin replied.

“You’re fucking my wife and have been for a minute but I’m a fucking hater?” I exploded loud as hell. The gym got silent and we were face to face with each other. “You were at my fuckin’ wedding dawg? You didn’t know that the ‘lil breezy’ you were having a relationship was one of your best friend’s wife? Oh, fuck you.” Toine didn’t say anything. He didn’t move and Jarvis and Dion backed away as well.

“Yeah that’s what the fuck I thought.” I walked off the court.



I received a text message from James even though we weren’t supposed to talk and it was only day two. It read:

Me and Toine just got into it. I told him I knew he was fucking my wife…

I knew I shouldn’t respond, but I had too.


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4 thoughts on “Sugar Baby: Three Day Breaks

  1. Stephanie Camba

    Omg, so what’s to happen next? About time James said something to him because there was no way that he could continue to be around Toine knowing he’s smashing his wife and he was in his wedding and not say nothing. No way, not cool! So what’s going to happen next because I’m pretty sure Toine is going to say something to Niecy and she’s going to say something to James? Is a divorce in place,how is this going to affect Tia? What about Ron? Poor Ron, oh how I feel so bad for him


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