Summer BBQ’s & Vegetarian Options

Summer BBQ Vegetarian OptionsSummer BBQ’s & Vegetarian Options


Summer is coming and everybody is going to throw a bomb BBQ, but this time around you need vegetarian options. Yet you are usually the only person avoiding meat at all cause. Yep, that was how I felt until I started to get creative and partake in bomb side dishes that were satisfying. 

If you are with family, it is easy to bring your own personal bag of goodies to have thrown on the grill. Corn, mushrooms, asparagus, onions and peppers are delicious and filling at a summer BBQ. With corn, you can place them straight onto the grill and wipe them down with butter or place them in foil with butter! Delicious veggie treat, right. Asparagus, onions, and mushrooms in foil with fresh garlic is hitting on a summer afternoon with that grilled corn on the cob. 

Also, if you have to bring a dish incorporate a bomb pasta salad filled with tomatos, red onions, celery, and whatever else you like. It’s all about incorporating your own style and taste to the event. Hell, if no one else eats it which we know isn’t true, you will still have a bomb outing with the fam! Summer BBQ Vegetarian OptionsSummer BBQ Vegetarian Options

Make sure to explore other options as well such as veggie burgers, black bean burgers, Tempeh, and tofu! Once marinated and seasoned perfectly, these items are great for any event. Try them out, check out Huffington Post’s article of different veggie burgers! Don’t block your snatched waist blessings for food that is not healthy! Okuur?

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