Summer, Clean Eating, & Processing your Snatch!

Summer, Cleaing EAting and Processing Your SnatchSummer, Clean Eating, & Processing your Snatch!

Summer is all about continuing the journey of clean eating and processing your developing snatches ass bodies. As a mother, it gets uber hard to stay mentally and physically healthy all at once!

Add on a job, a writing career, motherhood, being a girlfriend and life… healthy eating what? Gym where? Girl bye! Well, at least that’s what I told myself. That’s until I felt so exhausted all the time, no energy, and quite frankly feeling like poop!

I said “Self?” Myself said, “Hmm?” I proceeded to convince myself that removing meat, adding healthy, nutritious meals, and a boost in exercise would to this mommy good. Now, the cutting meat out what mainly due to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome and excruciating pain when I’d have a flair up. I started the second week of April and haven’t gone back!

The summer is about hot sun shining on that melanin-enriched skin! It’s also about flaunting those sculpted curves you’ve worked so hard to get. Clean eating and exercise paired strengthens the body and the mind. You are clear to make healthy choices. Endorphins are released and euphoria sets in giving us a great start to the day. 

Summer, Cleaing EAting and Processing Your SnatchSummertime is also about processing those developing snatched curves! This time around I’m doing 30 minutes of cardio and I am loving and hating the Rebounder (trampoline) workouts. Fun fact: In a recent study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE)  found that it burns calories at about the same rate as jogging. I end my work out with weight training with complexes. I want to be stacked y’all so I’m working with 45lbs for my lunges, squats, dead lifts and more and 25lbs for arms because apparently I’m a weakling. But guys, I already feel better and healthier than the last month. Adding exercise honestly just boosted my confidence in myself and reaffirmed that I am going to be snatched and stacked! GAINS are coming soon! 

Summer, Cleaing EAting and Processing Your Snatch

Make sure you have a damn photo shoot and enjoy your earned body! Hello???? What are you doing to get or remain healthy?

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