Summer Toning Lower Body Strength

butt  Summer Toning Lower Body Strength

Pretty faces and bomb outfits used to be what girls looked forward to for the summer. Well, gals there are a significant amount of poppin’ bars and restaurants to visit with your brand new scantily clad outfits. There will be great music, alcoholic influx, possibly a great spliff, and your beat face for the summer. But right now in the month of April, there’s time for one more thing to possibly make your summer appearances better. A nice body and a banging behind would bring everything together for the summer of 2015.

Health is wealth and we want women to take control of the things they want to change or better in the body. There has been an epidemic with plastic surgery and injections to plump or enlarge the butt, but let’s let go of the easy way out and earn a body. Dedicate time to tone the glutes to perfection and tie in some cardio in to melt the fatty areas away. It is quite possible that you can change your body but it will take time and again dedication.

Squats are the king for toning the legs and butts. They strengthen every muscle in the lower body and helps lean out the problem areas. Walking squats, with or without weights, are beneficial for the lower body as well. Barbell Hip Thrust will strengthen the upper glutes, stiff-leg dead lifts are amazing for those that are trying to see great change, and jump squats help with toning and adds a small spike in heart rate.

Let’s try and keep in mind that finding yourself is very important at young adult ages. The only thing we can control for sure is our weight and the way our body looks. Establish a schedule for the workout and designate a body part to focus on.

Here is a workout to try at home:



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