Super Moms: Guide to Getting Things Done While Sick

Writer: Jasmine U. Jackson


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The baby is at daycare, there is laundry that must be washed, deadlines made, and you are feeling miserable. However, before you can rest these feats must be completed. Right? 

Girl, no! Take a nap while that house is quiet. Cuddle up with that pillow, some tea, and some medicine that will ensure a great nap. Before you can take on the world, you’ll need to rest to get your energies up. Your family needs you rested and able to support them in ways only you can. 

Super Moms: Guide to Getting Things Done While Sick
Photo Cred: Sunde Marie Imagery
Jasmine & Jaslyn Jackson

Once you’ve taken your nap, shower! Constantly adjust your water temperature between cool and very warm for a hydrotherapy effect. You will feel refreshed, ready for the day, and ready to take down those daunting tasks. 

Make a to-do list with the most important tasks to make sure that after the family returns home, you can execute your daily mom chores but also get in more relaxation. Remember that being ill makes you human and it’s ok to take a moment to get better. 

Getting at least one thing done while having a cold is impossible for a guy so let’s just be real you’re going to successfully get things done! You’re obligated to yourself and your baby to take time to rest first then work later! 

You got this queen! Seek a doctor if you need to! 


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