Swim Suits and Floppy Hats

IMG_1398Swim Suits and Floppy Hats

Summertime is the time when everyone should be out enjoying the weather with a red cup, grown people drinks, and time around the pool. The summer is that favorite cousin you love to see even if it’s only for three days at the family reunion. Summer is like that fine ass doctor that comes into the restaurant to order the same thing and he sits in your section every single time. It’s like that sexy math teacher fellas, who you felt always smiled and did extra with you so you knew if you tried to holla, you might have that chance. Yesssss, the summer time is all of that and so much more.

If you are one of those mermaids, expert swimming, water lovers then of course you will be at somebody’s beach or at someone’s pool. If you are one of those I’m fly, have a bangin’ weave, and just want to be around for others to admire your look, there’s room for you as well in this conversation. At this point, we are all itching to get a little more naked and to get a little looser.


IMG_1394One way to get a tad bit more naked is to purchase you a bathing suit. Bathing suits are a chance to make a fashion statement as you are literally doing nothing but enjoying your time with friends. These days’ designers are coming up with beautiful one pieces that are still as sexy as bikini’s. There are plus size designers looking out for our thick misses and we are proud of this new bathing suit trend.


IMG_1397Sunbathing is nice while lying out on a towel or pool chair, but no one wants the sun drying out pores and attacking foreheads. Be sure to cop some of this season’s floppy hats to spice up your summer look. Just be sure to get a couple of suits and hats to take advantage of all the places you may go and experience. If you’re looking for some great choices to browse for suits, check out: Mint Swim by Draya, Forever21, Victoria Secret, or Target.

Hey, it’s no longer cuffing season so make sure to get a suit, a hat, and flirt a little bit.


All photos were retrieved from Instagram.


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