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Workout of the Week

Pardon My Audacity  is in love with fitness so here is another Workout of the Week. This workout can be done in home or any room where there is space and opportunity. Pardon My Audacity presents...

What your plate should look like!

How are you arranging your plate? Are you eating a balanced meal?

Pin of the week: Meal Planning

Without meal planning, I was not able to lose and keep off the weight– PMA Editor Are you planning on becoming healthy? This is definitely the way.

Pin of the Week

Hello guys! Abs work is important AFTER the fat has been melted away!

Workout of the week: Billy Blanks boot camp

Pardon My Audacity decided to take it old school for all of you lacking a great workout. Billy Blanks was amazing with TaeBo and he is great with this boot camp. Do it in your living room and give...

I Am A Wrap Wife

I am now a distributor for It Works! I can now assist you with all your health, wellness, and wrap regimens& needs! Become my Loyal customer today! There are: Toning lotion Defining gel Wraps...

Fat burning Ass-kicking March

Pardon My Audacity is setting off March with Fat Burning Ass-Kicking March and we mean business when it comes to shedding those much needed pounds. Let me be the first to say I’m not an expert at...

Atlanta Wrap Wives

Pardon My Audacity is always looking for new health trends. On this journey, I ran across Atlanta Wrap Wife herself, Pandora Harris and got a personalized wrap and I don’t want to spill the beans...

Gained 3lbs and now to lose it!

Let me be the first to say that by no means am I a perfect person or fitness guru, but I have the tenacity to get to where I am trying to be. As you all know, my birthday is January 19th and I am...