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Fitness Spotlight: Preserve Your Pagoda

 Preserve Your Pagoda Everyone knows how important health is to us here at Pardon My Audacity. It is no secret that there are levels to achieving and maintaining the highest level of fitness....

Workout of the week: Kill Thunder Thighs

What are you doing about those thunder thighs? Nothing. I have nothing but HELP!

What your plate should look like!

How are you arranging your plate? Are you eating a balanced meal?

Healthy eating is healthy living

Omega-3 fatty acids & your health

Pardon My Audacity is about seeing men and women get knowledgeable about their health. There are some many components to leading a healthy life and one of those components that helps are omega-3...

Workout of the week: Killer Arms

Hey loves! Fitness is the mission correct? Here’s a killer arm workout circuit! Who is going to participate?   It hurts, but worth it! Let’s get these arms RIPPED!

Workout of the Week: U-Jam

This week Pardon My Audacity is doing something a little different. We are introducing a new workout, but not the entire video! Check out the YouTube video and find this workout near you....

Workout of the week: 30 Day Shred level 1

Pardon My Audacity wanted to bring you a great workout longer than 10 minutes for those who cannot make it to the gym! Here it is my girl Jillian Michaels.

Pin of the Week: The 3-day Detox

Pardon My Audacity ran acorss a great pin and decided that it would be amazing as Pin of the Week! Here’s a way for you to detox your body to jump start some weight loss in your life. Happy...

Bikini Boot camp Sample with Jeanette Jenkins

This week’s powerhouse workout comes from Jeanette Jenkins! She is a killer and you will see results! It’s hard, but you gotta do hard to get amazing results!