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Office Chic: Pin of the Week

Looking to be a relevant socialite, blogger, or all around fiiieeerrrrccceee woman? Pair this top with that gorgeous skirt darling and I will hire you on spot! Ladies, Pardon MY Audacity (flips

Pin of the week: Meal Planning

Without meal planning, I was not able to lose and keep off the weight– PMA Editor Are you planning on becoming healthy? This is definitely the way.

Pin of the Week:Sassy!

This Pin may be hard to see, but it sure makes for a sassy woman!

Pin of the Week

How freaking adorable is this outfit? How about the bold red lip with the leopard shirt? Yesss, this Pin was eeevvveeerryyything to me!

Pin of the Week

Hey loves! I have decided to start sharing my favorite pins; from beauty, health, fitness, or some sexy eye candy! As shallow as this is my pin of the week is this hottie: Do you look like this? Do...