Teacher’s Appreciation

Teacher's AppreciationTeacher’s Appreciation

If you follow my Instagram, you know I’m a para in a high school and I need to show a little teacher appreciation. Today was the end of the school year and it was a doozy. However, I learned a few things from being around 14-18 year olds! First, I’m almost thirty. Second, I am someone’s mama and I talk to children I love like so, and three, I appreciate teachers.

Every day I walk into my alma mater and shape minds of brown children that look like me and are craving for direction. I love their little annoying ass teenagers. Again, I learned that I am almost thirty and I feel it every time I don’t know a phrase, a new dance, or just plain annoyed at their lack of care for their future. Also, I just don’t like their boldness, however, I respect it. I always tell them “I’m forty-two wit’ a two-year-old!” which is a lie but damnit they wear me out. Okay?

I am Jaslyn’s mom and I hold my students to the same standards as her. They respect and love me for it, I am making sure to build scholars in the everchanging world but its stressful. You hold the weight of those children, your own, and then your kid. It’s a lot but it is worth it. I wouldn’t change my tone, teaching style, or primary career.

Lastly, appreciate teachers. These people spend so much time with your children dealing with whatever they are dealing with while trying to motivate them to succeed as they FIGHT us tooth and nail. Take time to be present and set meetings. Thank them for their patience and extra hours. Yes, we know it’s their jobs, but they are just as important as their primary care doctor.

Anywho, it’s the summer and I will enjoy my days off working on my books.

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