“The Best Man Holiday” Review

“The Best Man Holiday” Movie Review

“The Best Man Holiday” is funny, sexy, and emotional from start to finish.

“The Best Man Holiday” had me sitting at the edge of my seat at AMC 16 as all the characters reunited after 13 years for Christmas.

Quentin, bachelor-playboy played by Terrence Howard continued with his slick comments and “high” moments. Harper played by Taye Diggs is having issues and is in search for something more. Regina Hall as ex-stripper Candice has a secret video on YouTube. Last the famous football player Lance played by Morris Chestnut is coping with having his best man around along with another issue.

Personally, I loved the movie. There is enough laughter, cursing, comedic, and tear-jerking moments to go around. But the movie was a tad bit dramatic.
PMA says go out and support this awesome movie.
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