The CoOp: Bout to be some Shhh!

The CoOpThe hip hop group The CoOp is bringing great music to the forefront. With great lyrics, crazy beats, and two awesome rappers leading the pack their new song “Bout to be some Shhh” was the perfect addition to this musical package. Pardon My Audacity had a chance to sit with one half of the group, Georgia bred TV.

Jas: Introduce yourself and tell the reader who you are.

TV: I’m TV, member of The CoOp, Georgia made me, but Virginia raised me. Currently living in Charlotte, NC.

Jas: Where did the name of the group come from?

TV: The CoOp was inspired by a popular HBO series named “The Wire”. It was a meeting of all the bosses from different areas that would meet together. The hip hop group is a similar concept of well-known rappers who dominate their region coming together as one movement.

Jas:What motivates you to make the music you make?

TV: Real life everyday experiences. It’s the opportunity to show others from similar backgrounds that they have a way out. My story is no different than any other person a kid who came from nothing trying to get to something; just life and what I’m going through and still going through that’s all the motivation I need.

Jas: Who do you wish to inspire? What message do you want to get out to your fans?

TV: Those who are from where I’m from. You know it’s like sometimes when you grow up in acertain environment you think what you see is the only thing that life has to offer. I want to show these kids that there’s another way out. I seek to inspire the entrepreneurial mind. Those who seek more for themselves than the average thinker. Our message is to dream because dreams are still possible. Our message is “Nobody can want more for you than you want for yourself.” Surround yourself around those who share your vision and go get it and make it happen for yourselves.

Jas:Who are the most influential rappers that inspired you to come out on your own?

TV:For me it was Jay-Z, Master P, and Baby “Birdman”. Those influential artist that started out on their own and look where they are today.

Jas: So a lot of People claim that “hip hop is dead” what do you think of that statement?

TV:No, hip-hop is being limited; it is freedom of speech and expression of the reality. Reality is your own personal perception. So anyone can express the art form however they wish. It doesn’t kill it; it just gives it more life.

Jas:The game is so oversaturated with artist, how can new artist stand out?

TV: I think by being true to self. If it’s real and you can listen to it and relate then you can stand out.

Jas: So you have a new song out. Tell the readers about it, why you made it and everything.

TV: The name came from us coming together and it’s just a statement that describes the moment when something is out of the nor and is about to take place. For us it was our introduction in hip-hop. So just look out for The CoOp cause it’s “bout to be some Shhh”.

Jas: What is next for The Co-Op?

TV:More hits because my goal is establish consistency. So look out for a host of follow up projects to establish consistency and longevity in this business.

Jas:What artist do you want to collab with?

TV: Me personally, I’m a country boy right. A small town Georgia boy moved to Virginia right? So for it’s for T.I, Young Jeezy, Scarface, Bun B, and Jay-Z. Jay-Z would be a dream come true, but don’t get me wrong I want to work with many artist, but these artist are the top.

Jas:Tell the readers where to find you on the internet.

TV: You can find me Twitter Darealtv, Ig: Tee_v. The CoOp on, The CoOpVevo on YouTube, and Just be on the lookout for CoOp in the future.

“Bout to be Some Shhh”

I personally love the song. From the beginning of the song to the end of the song I was glad that I had a chance to listen to it. The CoOp opened their song up with beat that caught my attention; the beat is crazy! The beat allows for all the southern girls in the club to dance which I am a southern girl at heart. The beat also will allow for the “non-dancers” in the club to vibe with their drinks in their hands. The producers on this track mixed the music very well; it’s not a choppy mix. The verses were tight and flowed well with the beat and the mix of the music. Though, I loved the entire song and its entirety, my favorite part of the song was the first verse. Tell me what you think about the song? Buy the song “Bout to be some Shhh” Out now on ITunes immediately. Support this talented group and be on the lookout for my tweets about upcoming shows in Atlanta.


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