The Fall From Grace Of Darren Sharper


darrenThe Fall From Grace Of Darren Sharper

Darren Sharper used to be a star safety in the NFL. Drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 2nd round. Sharper would leave Green Bay to sign with the enemy Minnesota Vikings, and his final stop as a member of the New Orleans Saints would earn him his one and only Super Bowl win. Sharper made 5  PRO BOWLs and made the 2000 all decade team.

There would be life after football for Sharper who took a local analyst job that led to a spot on the NFL Network in 2012. The good times lasted until January 2014 when it was announced Sharper would be suspended without pay after Sharper was arrested on charges of sexual assault.

Initially when the first report came out I didn’t believe the victim. Sharper isn’t a bad looking dude and now females could actually see his face because he was on television. In short, he could have any woman he wanted; even if he had to pay for it. When the second allegation emerged, it was brought to my recollection that rape is NOT about sex, it’s about power.

Darren Sharper is a serial rapist having copped to 8 charges of rape, using a drug to subdue his victims, and forcible sodomy. His crime spree is disgusting acts and sheds light on the incompetency of supposed law enforcement. Women came forward in Louisiana, Arizona, California, and Texas and named him. It’s was only after the brazen Sharper committed the crime again in California did he get caught. He was only caught then because a police officer actually did his job.

Sharper was facing at least 30 years, but will only serve 9 years (sentenced to 10 but will get credit for the year he has served). He will do his time in federal prison, (club Med) will be on probation for life and can never consume alcohol. The national media barely covered this story. EspnW which is supposed to be the beacon for women and sports really let y’all down. This man is a sexual predator.

I would like every person who defended Greg Hardy to understand that this deal was done so that the witnesses didn’t have to relive the trauma. Hardy has had his reckoning with Roger Goodell and he will be punished, 10 games. Just as in the case with Aaron Hernandez, Plaxico Burress, and Michael Vick, we should have learned a football uniform doesn’t turn you into an angel, disciple of Christ, nor a messenger of Allah. All it means is that you’re good enough to put on a football uniform, you remain human; thus just as flawed as the rest of us.

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