The Photographer

I met a photographer/videographer/graphic designer right? We were both very passionate about our field, we both loved our degrees for our fields, and we both could use each other to make it in the industry right.
So we talked on the phone once. We texted every other day. But I was under the impression we were just homies with a passion to use each other for portfolio advantages boy was I wrong…Apparently, I was used for those things AND fellatio, but I wasn’t BEAT for that bs. He constructed in his mind that that is what I was going to do, but what I can’t grasp is why?

I mean we did speak about sex but not sex together. Not sex as an activity where we both were starring in it so what the heck?! But I had to stay strong. I had to really grab a hold of my reaction because I am a tad bit rude. At the end of the day, MEN RESPECT WOMEN. WOMEN RESPECT YOURSELF. I know women are supposed to have standards but in this case MEN HAVE STANDARDS. Don’t assume a chick is going to gobble on your damn chocolate/vanilla/tapioca surprise in your underwear. Thank God, I am STD/STI free and wasn’t trying to hurt someone I barely knew.

So he was offended when I asked, “What would make you think I would WANT to give you fellatio?” He didn’t answer he said “Ok.” I don’t understand… bottom line, I HAVE STANDARDS. They are hard to keep because sometimes as a woman you want to try and live “free” like a dude but keeping them makes you so much more gorgeous to me at least and anyone who values REAL WOMEN.
Open your pretty brown eyes to the truth, I will not be giving fellatio to anyone randomly like a damn car auction. I am sorry and neither should you.



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