Thick Girls Need Love Too!

Thick girls need love too! Not just advice on how to get slender. Not advice on what they can and cannot eat or drink on a daily basis. Thick women are beautiful, adventurous, filled with big brains and big hearts and some MF’s need to start recognizing and respecting this fact. 

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum! I’ve been 311 and I’ve been 180! Now, I won’t lie at 180 I was at my peak of life as far as clothes fitting, sex drive through the roof, my skin had lightened up, my face was skinny….I was literally living my best life. However, as a thick woman currently I’m still reaping the benefits of being smart, fine as wine, and more. 

Women who aren’t as “skinny” as the world wants them to be need to remain head and heart strong. Being big isn’t an issue, but make sure that health wise everything is in tact. As hard as it is to create a regimen, when I started eating better and working out a little my energy levels soared. All I want is for my plus size queens to be healthy. But enough about health, the point of this blog is to tell people that thick women want their booty’s rubbed just like the next chick!

Thick and Proud honey

These women deserve dinner dates, movie nights, gifts just because it’s Monday! These women deserve a man that cooks breakfast butt ass naked with an oiled body, bomb breakfast with her favorite, and a side of d*** in the morning! Partners need to make it their goal to honor them and not to down them! Downing your partner is unacceptable especially if they are body conscious or bigger. 

Thick women NEED just as much hyping and souping up as skinny women. They want to feel that their partner to love, appreciate, and praise their bodies as every woman wants. They deserve hugs and kisses just because they want them! 

It’s important to show affection, generosity, and pure love to all, but just remember thick misses or whatever they preferred to be called need love and understanding like the next woman. So make it happen! 


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