Throw Back Thursday: Entertainment Edition


Throw Back Thursday: Entertainment Edition

So, where were you ten years ago? I was nursing a knee injury and was more tore up about my Lakers losing the finals and Shaq left AND Phil; all we had was Kobe Bryant. Hmm, it appears the Lakers are exactly where they were ten years ago and that’s sad for me and all of Laker Nation, but I digress. As we try to keep up with the trends and vie for your attention we will examine what was hot in the year 2004 as Pardon My Audacity brings you TBT.

Rap/Hip Hop: Although there were several hip hop hits in 2004, clearly the best hip hop album was “College Drop” by Kanye West. In what was the most highly anticipated release of the decade (in my opinion) Kanye did not disappoint. After “Through the Wire” dropped, we all wanted to see a full album from Kanye. I was driving to work and the beat started, bum bum bum then followed what sounded like a slave master or drill sergeant and just when I was thoroughly confused I got hit with, “You know what the Midwest is/The young and the restless.” That was when I became a fan. I knew he had produced Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name” and I loved that song, but when I heard “Jesus Walks,”

I was impressed, enough to buy the entire CD and not from the bootleg man. I had honestly thought the “Black Album” by Jay-Z was the last hip hop album I would buy retail and I was wrong about a lot of things ten years ago. Who would’ve thought that a guy that seemed to be praising Jesus would one day say, “If the Bible were written now I would be Jesus Christ.” and fools would actually refer to him as Yeezus? SMH. “College Drop” also yield “Slow Jams” and was clearly the best Hip Hop Album of 2004 earning West 10 Grammy nominations and he took home 2 statues (Rap Album of The Year, and Rap Song of the Year for “Jesus Walks”).

usher  R&B Please, let’s not even pretend that we don’t remember Usher’s “Confessions.” From “Yeah” that featured Lil Jon and Ludacris to “That’s What It’s Made  For,” (shorty raining wet up in my ear talkin’ bout I got what you came for, this here got your name on it), “Burn” and “Confessions.” (Everyone rememers that assumptions of why he and Chili from TLC broke up,) “Confessions” seemed like an authentic autobiographical masterpiece. Usher then hit you with the delux (Copped that too) and you got the cute duet with Alicia Keys, “My Boo.” Usher was now the man!

He outsold Prince! People were like “R.Kelly who?”We all thought Usher was going to be the king of R&B and then it completely… well, I’ve already admitted that I was wrong about a great many things 10 years ago. So moving along Mr. Raymond was nominated for 8 Grammys that year and took home 3 (Best R&B Album, Best R&B Performance, and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Yeah”). The follow up was an abject failure but we are accentuating the positives, Yeah? (Members of the BeyHive chill out Beyonce’s first solo album won awards in 2004 but the album was released in 2003).

Million_Dollar_Baby_posterMovies Honestly, this I had to look up. I’ve only recently returned to the cinema when I returned to London, England last July. (I don’t have a DVD man in London, but if you’re reading this…) So there were some films that I had never ever heard of the two that I decided were worthy (and I’d actually saw) were “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” it starred Jim Carrey (who is no longer funny) and Kate Winslet (starlet turned tart and now is a bonafide actress, this generations Meryl Streep). Carry and Winslet  were a couple and broke up and couldn’t bare the memory of each other so they paid a company to erase all trace of each other from their lives. Carrey’s character has second thoughts…blah,blah,blah fade to black.

The best movie of 2004 was “Million Dollar Baby.” It starred Hilary Swank (she won an Oscar for the role in “Boy’s Don’t Cry) who was tough but raw female fighter. Clint Eastwood (who also directed the film) surely i don’t need to explain who Eastwood is… and our man from Memphis,Tennessee (yes, I spelled Tennessee to show that I can)Morgan Freeman. Eastwood plays the gym owner and dismisses Swank’s character simply because she’s a “girl”. Freeman works for Eastwood and is the narrator of the film (I would explain why that is, but if you haven’t seen it I’d have to ruin the plot, even Roger Ebert said so!) Hands down best movie of the year it won Best Picture, Best Director, and Eastwood was nominated for Best Actor, Swank won Best Actress (her 2nd) and Freeman won for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (First time Black males won both male actor awards in the same year in Academy history).

So that’s what pop culture was like ten years ago. Post 9/11 and prior to the financial collapse that we have yet to recover from, there was and  continues to be an escape from all the ails us, and that’s entertainment. While we may all not agree on what’s talent (Sorry Kanye) for surely Kim Kardashian is famous for being a whore. We can agree that when times are rough we turn to things that make us forget about those things even if only for an hour or two.

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