#ThursdaysThoughts How Sway?


#ThursdaysThoughts How Sway?

Tristan, Khloé, Y’all Judging, and More

It’s Thursday and there’s so many things that I’d like to vent about this morning that we must discuss as #ThursdayThoughts. Howwwwwww Sway? These comments, Twitter fingers, and wonderful people always has an opinion, well, he’s ours at PMA.


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1. Tristan Thompson and his cheating scandal

1st off, we all know Tristan Thompson is a ballplayer, rich, young, decent-looking, a womanizer, and all around no damn good as he left the first baby mama for Khloé Kardashian. This isn’t really a freaking shocker or surprise in all honesty. I know everyone is looking for someone else’s agony, but bro, this shit is a private matter that both, Tristan and Khloé, made public by being thirst traps. I’m a firm believer, that both parties understood this shit is publicity filled and now Khloé has her baby.

2. Women, Stop Bashing Khloé


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What goes around comes back around so STFU and allow this pregnant woman to deal with her KARMA.

Half of y’all calling her whores belong to secret “ho” chat rooms and group text messages so you hush. A ho is a ho is a ho- meaning broke or rich ho actions still label you as hoes! Duh.  Women are laughing at her misfortunes now when in reality the same things can happen to you. Y’all know we have friends and experiences similar to hers. What if she did think he was different? I mean she’s misguided by taking someone man but I mean C’MON son stop talking that shit and start a better narrative like “Sis, we gotta respect each other enough NOT to f*ck with your man.”

This is a lesson I had to learn– NO MATTER what these men tell you. Sis, side pieces are only fun when you aren’t trying to be on your grown woman. I’m done though.

3. It doesn’t matter what Emily B did to Fab unless she put her hands on him for her to lose two teeth and to be JUDGED AND JUSTIFIED by men. If you find a defensive man, step back.

I SAID WHAT I SAID. We do not know what transpired, but it shouldn’t be enough to knock out someone’s front teeth then soap opera us to death with post of her kids and things aren’t what they seem! All these f*ck boys showing support for Fab need to be watched as well. Too many women are dying at the hand of the men that love them a.k.a “CONTROL” them.

PMAThis has been #ThursdayThoughts brought to you by a fed up, avid reader. It’s a mystical thing for celebs to have lives, but for us to place our worries, stresses, and ideals on them are a lot. They placed themselves to be entertainers, but that doesn’t mean with their private lives. Yes, Khloé picked up a man that wasn’t hers and she’s now going to end up like the last one, but trollin’ and being a petty Betty.

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