TK’s Take: Greg Hardy

Jones & Hardy TK’s Take: Greg Hardy

Now that Greg Hardy was signed by the Dallas Cowboys let’s talk about the contract and the impact his signing will have. Jones signed Hardy to a one year, eleven million dollar contract that includes zero (0) dollars that are guaranteed to Hardy. I have to be honest, fiscally this is a brilliant signing. If Greg Hardy doesn’t play he doesn’t get paid. He must be on the 53 man roster to get ANY money.

We all know by now that Greg Hardy was …convicted by a judge who stated she was “… Entirely convinced that the defendant (Greg Hardy) was guilty of assaulting his ex girlfriend and communicating threats.” Because Hardy appealed and by all accounts paid her off, a large number of you have chosen to either ignore this fact or in some cases declared you don’t care. While this sickens me to no end, ultimately you have to live with that.

Jerry Jones has basically placed all the onus back in the lap of the NFL. Greg Hardy only played in one game last season, however he got paid every dime that was owed to him. In the past, punishment has been doled out to a player even though they were not arrested or found guilty of any offense. A prime example of this is Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben was accused of a sexual assault and although he was never arrested or even officially charged with any crime, he was suspended four games by the NFL for conduct unbecoming.

Greg Hardy

The current policy in the NFL mandates that Greg Hardy be suspended a minimum of six games as he is a first time offender. However, it is debatable if you could call this Hardy’s first offense as he has had some issues going all the way back to high school. To the NFL’s credit they have subpoenaed all known evidence in this case. Greg Hardy may not play a down of football this year. One only needs to read the transcript of his ex girlfriend to understand why it may come to that.

I think 8 games would suffice anything less than 6 isn’t even up for discussion. If Hardy does this again, he will never play another down of football period. He’s a member of the football team that I love so much, it is tattooed on my body. I want this team to win and that means I must root for Hardy to have success and I hate that Jerry Jones has put Cowboys Nation in this position. After all what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet suffers the loss of his own soul?


Jerry Jones & Greg Hardy Courtesy of ESPN Magazine

Greg Hardy via Sports Illustrated


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