TK’s Take: NBA Playoffs


 TK’s Take: NBA Playoffs

The NBA takes second stage to the NFL after the Super Bowl. The All Star Game and then the second half of the season to really determine who will make the playoffs. The NBA did well for itself having many on the seeding not being set until the last game of the season. One game in particular, the Spurs versus the Pelicans (can someone please tell me what a pelican has to do with New Orleans?) Had the Spurs won that game (and they wasted a great deal of energy trying to win the game) they would have been the second seed in the Western Conference. Sadly for Spurs fans, they lost that game and fell from the second seed to the sixth. This meant that the reigning and defending champions of the world would have no home advantage in any playoff series. It did come back to bite them in the rear as game seven was at the Staples Center and an injured Chis Paul hit a game winning shot with one second left on the clock. It ended San Antonio’s run and perhaps the career of the great Tim Duncan. It was a thrilling series and sadly a first round one.


The Cleveland Cavaliers dispatched the Boston Celtics in four straight games. There was no surprise here Boston’s only advantage was coaching. LeBron James’ talent made up for his lack of coaching (anyone who thinks David Blatt is coaching that team needs their head examined) and Kyrie Erving and Kevin Love stepped up their play and things were looking like smooth sailing. Smooth sailing until Kelly Olynyk got arm locked with Kevin Love and separated Love’s shoulder and he is OUT. Then for some inexplicable reason, J.R. Smith punched Jae Crowder in the face and was suspended for two games. Right now, that’s 40 points a game that the Cavaliers will have to compensate for.

Image-1430727537959The Chicago Bulls did themselves no favors by allowing the Milwaukee Bucks to stretch them to six games because it gives Love (the Bulls play Cleveland next) time to heal. Love may need surgery and if he does, his tenor as a Cavalier is over. In my opinion, there is NO CHANCE that Kevin Love returns to Cleveland.Derrick Rose has played solid basketball and getting better with every game, do not be surprised if the Bulls beat the Cavaliers, they owned the during the regular season.

Image-1430727481620The Atlanta Hawks shocked people and actually beat the Brooklyn Nets. No one is taking them serious and when they lost two games to the 8th seeded Nets panic set in. All for nothing as they handled themselves and moved on to face the HOT Washington Wizards team that has yet to lose, and at the time of this publication that included a win over the Atlanta Hawks at home. Atlanta may be in a bit of trouble, they’re injured, and Washington seems determined.

The only other team yet to lose a game is the scorching hot Golden State Warriors. Led by Steph Curry (the obvious league MVP) the Warriors continue to look like the best team in basketball, something they were all year. Lack of experience has not yet phased this team and it doesn’t look like anything can derail them. Even the Memphis Grizzlies who dispatched the Portland Trailblazers in five games looked befuddled in it’s 15 point defeat in the first game of it’s Western Conference semifinals. The Warriors look destined to be the next NBA Champion.


Image-1430727584742The Houston Rockets led by the bearded James Harden dispatched the Dallas Mavericks in five games. It may be the end of the road for an aging Tyson Chandler and Dirk Nowitzki. Mark Cuban built a team to win now and they didn’t. Rondo was a disaster and is rumored to be heading to the Los Angeles Lakers to help Kobe chase that 6th ring. The Rockets will face the Los Angeles Clippers who will not have Chris Paul in that first game, at least, having pulled his hamstring early in game seven versus the Spurs. I’m not sure who I like in this series, though admittedly it won’t matter. Neither team can stop or even contain Curry and his crew.


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