TLC’s FanMail PUSHED through and Snatched My Wig Back

TLC’s FanMail PUSHED through and Snatched My Wig Back

TLC Fan Mail PUSHED through and Snatched My Wig BackTLC released Fan Mail February 1999 and after re-listening at my work desk, my wig was snatched back with this body of work. Much like Destiny’s Child, TLC were my girls, but I’m guessing on a childish level without much understanding of what their messages were back in the day. In ’99, I was merely nine years old whereas now, I am twenty-six.

“Silly Ho” came through those IPhone earbuds whoot whoot/whoot whoooo and I started rocking back and forth as I edited my eBook ‘W’. T-Boz is straight up raw and she is singing in that low sexy tone we all love. She starts: I ain’t never been no Silly Ho, waiting for your call/ Like the other girls want you/. Yessss, we are here for it TLC! We are here for the STANDARDS! We are here for the OPEN dialogue. We are here for it, chile. The song goes on to touch on subjects that happen with these sorry boys, not men. She mentions not being a chicken head and being in and out of beds.  They don’t need a man to pay their bills, to chase, or deal with “Stebie’s” shenanigans in our Joseline Hernandez voices.

“No Scrubs” pushes through for the world of girls. Listen, this song was relevant then and it is now! Chilli said she wasn’t with dating a flexer who embodies being a busta. Game weak, don’t have no thing going for himself, and he don’t take care of his shorty? Nah, we’re good. WE are HERE for it Chilli! We don’t want to take care of you, deal with you, your baggage, or your mother.  Because you know that happens, right? Why didn’t I get that at 9? Uhhhh, I wasn’t dating no dam8n body!  That’s why, but I receive it right now.  By the way, Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Kandi wrote this song… I’ll just leave this here.

“I’m Good at Being Bad” was an anthem for me. They are empowering themselves letting it be known that and I quote, “N*gga , you must be crazy/what you gonna do with a chick like me/ I’m so good at being bad, I’m the chick you never had/ I epitomize the word sexy!” At twenty-six, having my first child, and having dated since seventeen, I walk into a room just like this every single day. They are uttering their se-x-ual primes, their bomb s-ex, and the fact that men get turned out by great women. I love this album.

Lastly, “Unpretty” gave an inside look at some of the inner thoughts of all women. These beauty issues we have sparked naturally beautiful women into changing the way they look.  The hook states you can buy your hair if it won’t grow, fix your nose if he says so, buy all the make-up but if you can’t look inside you and find out who you are… you’re going to feel rather unpretty, unworthy, and unappreciated.

This girl group was inspired by the mail they received from their fans and in turn gave them some heat. I just want to sit this here for you so you can go back and listen up.

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