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Pardon My Audacity presents Talk-It-Out Thursdays: Tough Life Lessons

Please be advised these words are from Jasmine Jackson and yes, they are harsh. If you aren’t ready to read real words then this article isn’t for you. 

Sometimes we need to just be clear and understand that there are changes we will all go through. Here are five lessons I’ve learned:

1. Everybody is not meant to be in your life for more than a couple days, weeks, months, or years. When they leave your life, dammit be glad because hell it’s time to move the hell on. I get so tired of babying the fact that feelings get hurt when a person walks away, but in reality that person may just be ‘Ain’t Sh*t’ and need a to exit stage left. Accept the change and roll with the punches.

2. Nobody will ever truly give a f*ck as much as you will ON YOUR PROJECTS. Yes, when you are doing your passion yes people will care, but not as much as you! It’s your passion and promises that will allow your dreams to grow. I’ve noticed all my “friends” haven’t read zip I’ve EVER written, but believe so much in me. Yeah… Okay, save that bull! Sometimes being a loner helps the creative process and those tears, hard work, and long nights pay off when YOU delete your false ass supporters.

3. Sometimes “quitting” your closest friends and family help motivate you. Bottom line– people closest to you will let you down one day so sometimes if you see signs of a person changing for the negative while you’re trying to achieve positive… Quit their ass. I’ve quit quite a few and miss them so much but read tough lesson number one and two you’ll understand why I refuse to look back.

4. Prayer is your only stress-reliever not your “friends”. We all want to talk to our friends, but why? They tell you one thing and do the same sh*t they just told you not to do! That’s not logical. They then analyze your situation and act as if it’s so much worst then their own issues! Ugh, they’re just as effed up as YOU! After that, they do JUDGE you and talk about it. Stop that reckless behavior! Want to feel better? PRAY. Open your mouth, cry, scream and sing out praise! You need a friend? Inquiry about Jesus.

5. Sometimes you need to change your damn number. Start over since you may not be able to physically relocate and don’t put the memo up you changed it on Facebook! Get you a life then rebuild your social life.

I had to give a few tough lessons I’ve learned and rather harshly so that it’s plain as day and rude enough to rattle your heart. Good day divas and divos!

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