Trap Star’s Girlfriend

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One: The First Encounter


Tank sat low in his black Impala blasting music blowing smoke out of his mouth inhaling through his nose smooth. He always smoked a blunt before walking into the club just to take the edge off. He finished his blunt, stepped out of his Impala, and walked into the club. Walking into the club every eye landed on him; women immediately recognized the man that walked in and flocked toward him. He walked into VIP meeting up with Joe and Breeze his two main niggas and they welcomed him with a bottle of Goose and another spliff.

“What up nigga?” Joe spoke passing the bottle to his homeboy.

“Shit bruh.” Tank responded before placing his lips on the rim of the bottle taking in a big gulp of the alcohol.

“These bitches are on a nigga tonight.” Joe dapped Tank up.

“Fa sho.” Tank scanned the room and he sat back as no one caught his attention.

Lauren planned to enjoy a night out with her girls without drama from her ex. Her dress stopped above her knee and held her right in all the right places and her spike red pumps completed her look. Her hair was in a high bun and her face was completely covered with just enough make up to turn heads in the club. Her green eyes scoped the club for anything that would stand out to her. She had been stuck in her dorm room studying for her Communication Law midterm. She had completely immersed herself in school work and making money to get Rico out of her system. She despised Rico and she despised being depressed over one nigga. Tonight was about redemption of her youth and partying without worries of grades, papers, and running around after different student societies.

“Lauren, you are not allowed to leave the club sober! You need to head to the bar right now.” Tamara yelled as the trio fought their way through the crowd of people, drinks, and frantic Greek strolls.

“I’m down.” Lauren agreed. At the bar, Lauren received her coconut Rum and Coke observing her surroundings before following her friends toward VIP.  Lauren finished her drink as her favorite song began to play and the girls were all snatched up by dudes surrounding them.

“Damn baby you look really good tonight.” Lauren looked back at the man that had his arms around her waist as she winded them slowly. He stood about an inch taller than Lauren with Ray Band shades and a smile that made her smile.

“Thank you.” She yelled over the music. Lauren continued dancing with her Ray Band guy before drinking another Rum and Coke.

“Hey Lauren. This is Breeze, Breeze this is my girl Lauren.”

“What’s up Lauren.” Breeze spoke to her.

“Hey.” She smiled feeling her drink go through her. Breeze led the trio into VIP where his boys were sitting. Breeze had invited Kianna and her friends out to pop bottles and to chill in the club while blunts were passed and plots for pussy began. Lauren sat across from Tank scrolling through her cellphone not noticing his eyes had landed on her.

Tank inhaled smoke as Breeze brought three women to their table. He hadn’t paid attention to any of them until they were standing right in his face smiling all except one.  Tamara’s eyes fell on Tank, but his eyes were fixated on the woman that refused to acknowledge his presence.

“Hey y’all.” Tamara spoke to the men trying to get Tank’s attention. Tank couldn’t stand a woman that was heard before she was seen. He looked up at Tamara and threw his head back addressing her greeting.

“Damn li’l mama you can’t even speak?” Joe said to Lauren.

“My bad y’all. What’s up?” Lauren looked up from her phone, noticed Tank staring at her, and looked back down at her screen. Kianna was sitting on Breeze’s lap smoking with him and laughing at whatever he had to say. Tamara settled for Joe and sat closer to him than previous. Lauren looked up at Tank and she melted immediately but played it cool. Tank licked his purple lips, passed his blunt to Lauren, and watched her lips engorge the tip in her mouth, inhale the smoke, and blow it out.

“I’m Lauren.” She said once she felt her body immediately relax.

“Tank.” The two were engaged in conversation.

“Nice to meet you love.” She smiled.

“Same to you shawty.” Tank opened his mouth. Lauren admired Tank’s long dreadlocks, his brown eyes, and his tall frame. His southern twang and the way he demanded respect made her smile and before she knew it the club was closing and her girls were high and ready to get their freak on.

“Lauren, we’re going to chill with Joe and Breeze. Do you want me to drop you off back at the dorm before I go back to Joe’s apartment?” Tamara asked.

“Yeah, thanks girl.”

“I can take you back shawty.” Tank offered. Lauren looked at the man that stood before her and felt completely comfortable with him.

“Cool then. I’ll ride with Tank.” The trio parted ways and it was just Lauren and Tank sitting and in his black Impala. Tank separated his dreads into his large hands and tied them up to get them out of his face for his ride to Lauren’s dorm. Lauren watched biting her lip because if there was one thing she loved about a nigga with dreadlocks it was the way he tied them up and showed his face.

“Why you over there smiling Miss Lauren?” Tank questioned.

“I couldn’t even tell you.” She chuckled. This was the first time she felt completely comfortable with another nigga after her ex. Tank gripped his steering wheel, drove to Lauren’s dorm, and cut the car off.

“Come up to my room for a night cap.” Tank looked at his watch and agreed. The two headed to the check-in desk then up to her room. Inside of Lauren’s dorm room, Tank wasted no time in pushing Lauren up against her door and pressing his tongue deep into her mouth…




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