Trill Tea: Tea Steeped in Culture

Trill TeaTrill Tea: Tea Steeped in Culture

I stumbled across one of my Facebook pals page and read about Trill Tea. I wanted to learn more about their site’s highlighted phrase: Tea Steeped in Culture. Trendsetters open doors and open us up to a diverse way of thinking. Chaz Greene, Owner, and Founder of Trill Tea has vision and drive creating yet another authentic brand for us to use and learn more about. I had a chance to sit down with Chaz and get a little 411 on this bomb tea!

Check it out:

PMA: Tells Readers About Trill Tea

CG: The mission of Trill Tea is to create a modern lifestyle tea brand that encourages being true to yourself. I started working on Trill Tea in 2014 but officially launched June of 2016. I first started by taking tea classes, going to tea expos, and trade shows.

PMA: As an entrepreneur, there are so many niches–Why tea?

CG:  I decided on tea because I wanted to disrupt an industry that hadn’t changed in decades while at the same time show people I knew and the youth that we can create more than what I’d been seeing.

Trill TeaWhich is turning out to be a wonderful venture it seems. Trill Tea always comes with an order free sample and honey crystals. By the end of this article, I want you ALL to purchase some to support the homie!

PMA: How did you come up with an ideology to fuse Hip Hop culture and tea?

The Trill Tea ideology came from a few things. First, my belief that whatever industry you get into you need a competitive advantage. It needs to be something that you know that no one else does or something they would have a hard time emulating. Hip hop to me is a lifestyle that encourages you to be unapologetic, no matter how raw or seemingly contradictory it may be. That’s perfect for a brand that encourages being true to yourself. Youth culture especially in 2017 and beyond will always relate to what’s real and raw.

Trill Tea

Secondly, I had never seen a consumer product good that was clearly of the culture, still embraced the rough edges we love so much, and still had taste. And thirdly, I tend to tell people that since the barriers to entry of many businesses have lowered you’re going to start seeing more “cool people” building businesses rather than “cool people” getting endorsement deals. My aim is to close that gap between the business and the “cool person” and what’s cooler than hip hop?

PMA: The names for the teas are authentic and dope as hell. What inspires the names?

Trill TeaCG: Lol, first off thank you. The names are honestly inspired by my need to be authentic. I want the names as well as the brand as a whole to always be clever. I don’t want the brand to ever be gimmicky, super raw but tasteful, and aspirational but relatable. I tend to see hip hop inspired brands that are gimmicky and not really well thought out. That may be ok for them, but the reason I take that seriously is because I’m looking to create a new language of the way we do business while inspiring the youth to create brands based on their cultural upbringing. That won’t happen being gimmicky. It can only happen by being authentic.

PMA: Where can readers purchase some Trill Tea?

CG: The best places you can purchase Trill Tea are on our website as well as “The Bean” cafes in NYC. They currently sell our True Blue Berry Matcha.

Go follow Chaz and Trill Tea at the following:

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Instagram: @drinktrilltea


Twitter: @drinktrilltea

Chaz personal Instagram @IamTeaJobs

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