True Story: I Miss My Free Days

Milfin’ it, Milkin’ it, Mommyin’ it

True Story: I Miss My Free Days

True Life I miss my free days

Hi, I’m Jasmine Jackson and I sincerely miss free days, brunchin’, sleepin’ at least 6 hours, and glowing. These days I’m chasing a toddler, sleep deprived, scheduling, and mommying. WARNING: Before any of you “Perfect Patty” come in commenting about what I need to be grateful for, how I should or should not feel, or ANYTHING in regards to my current situation, I suggest you read this, see what I’m talking about, and still keep your thoughts to yourself because I’m far from perfect.

Anywho, motherhood starts and creates amazing progressions for you as a person but sometimes relaxation, going out, and being yourself becomes the #1 thing older people and child-less people say neglect. Parenting does not mean lose yourself. It means try to find middle ground in being a parent and a person.

Make sure to incorporate things that calm you, reset your aura, and fun or relaxing activities. This is key because you will always be a full-time mother and you will have shit to do. Resetting your attitude and aura will help keep your stress level down as much as possible.

No lie, there are days where I don’t want to be a friend, teacher, mother, or girlfriend. ‘It’s’ life and it’s a consistent feeling. My LO (little one) is two and I still haven’t gotten 100% but I will. I am not less of a mother because I require primping and keeping up mentally, physically and emotionally. I am a bad ass, life creatin’, book writing, content creatin’ MAMA.

Jada Pinkett-Smith guided me and changed my mindset. Here’s the clip: *PMA Doesn’t own clip*


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